The Big Visit

I was looking at our local news and it seems that Bush plans to come to Idaho! I haven’t the slightest clue why. Idaho is firmly in Republican hands, and hasn’t enough political clout to get page 12 in any newspaper.
Can things really be that slow in Washington?



Time to dust off the Winchester, and find the nearest empty book-depot Tentative. I’ll be on a grassy knoll somewhere, checking lines of sight.

Expect a CIA visit Tab.

Oh shit, Tab. Only someone in… uhh… whereyou are could say that. I refuse to say another word about it. Visits from the FBI isn’t something I look forward to.


Hello F(r)iends,

I like bush…

The President ain’t so bad either.

-Thirst4Women… err The Wife


I am mad at you. Why didn’t you put this on my bush thread. I’m too sensitive for this sort of slight.


Oh come on, Mom, I wasn’t ignoring your thread. Actually it never ocurred to me, really. It was more a comment about my complete lack of interest than anything else.

Forgive my thoughtlessness. How 'bout pie and ice cream? :wink:


The MIB would get lost at the airport, and get sold far too much souvenir junk to to remain effective in combat. The hawkers are fierce over here.

“You want Hookah…?”
“Prostitution is a felony citizen…”
“Hayır-hayır !!! HOOKAH.”
“I am CIA”
“I like you Seeayeh - I am Mustafa - You want buy real Turkish hookah…?”
“I am a married man !!!”
“Huh…? Your wife… She no let you smoke…?”
“Hey Emre…! Seeayeh’s wife say he no smoke in house…!”
“Hah - Amerikanlar - hepsi pussies…!”
ad infinitum.