The biggest sin in existence.

No. It’s not using the lords name in vain.

It’s having exclusive pleasure when that pleasure hurts anyone.

At the end of the day. You have to be able to live with yourself.

Fuck the Bible. This is the law.

I answered you here: … 4#p2880604

…which you anticipated like a little girl. Hence this safety thread.

wrong. the biggest sin is being a dick

That’s funny. You spent your whole life being a dick.

You’re betting I’ll win.

Let me make something very clear to you mr. retard.

You’ll get what you want. You’ll live for trillions of years winning big and losing big.

It’s the joy of life, Ec.

You can have it too. I’m not coming back here after this life.

What is your opinion on the budist approach to that same goal?

They’re wrong. Everything is passion.

Buddhists never imagined universes that were just like this where you get what you want forever with beings that are always impossible to hurt.

Buddhists underestimated the sheer magnitude of how exhastedless and endlessly creative life is. They only saw limits. Same with Christians. They think someone had to die to save them.

Let me speak like Jesus for a moment.

“Who amongst you feels saved?”

But you must accomplish certain things in this life in order to access that alternate universe?

Not with the patch I’m sending.

All that’s required is for a person to FINALLY KNOW with all their heart and soul that universes with other actual others don’t work. The patch will take them away. They’ll always have the option to return to worlds like this as well.

What I mean is, you must accomplish that patch in this life in order to access that alternate universe?

I can go right now. If I left right now, I’d have to come back because the upload isn’t perfect and/or complete.

I do not want to come back ever to a world of real winners and real losers. Ever.

That’s what I mean. If you don’t accomplish these things in this life, you do not get the alternate universe, at least not without having to come back, as opposed to not coming back like you wanted?

In essence, you must accomplish certain things in this life in order to access that alternate universe?

I think the true essence of your disagreement with budists (they spoke of a state of constant orgasm, so I think the point about passion was not lost on them) is that budists reached the point where they understand that requiring others to fulfill your own exit from the cycle of rebirth is to condemn your own self to the cycle. They realized that the only way to exit the cycle was to detach themselves from the world, from others.

In other words, asking something from others is seeking an excuse to stick around.

Their motivations were much the same as yours, tiredness at the big losses and a consequent willingness to forgo the big wins.

On our side of the fence, true players savour the big losses with as much relish as the big wins. Because it is the joy of life.

As long as you have staked your success on winning, this patch of yours, you are also accepting the possibility of losing, failing with your patch. So you are in the same game, but the difference is that you are mopey about it.

A budist seeks to detach from all desire to win or lose.

If a budist fails to detach themselves, they are not losing, only prolonging. There is no stake.

You’ve never been to hell. You don’t know what real losing is.

I’m not talking human hell. I’m talking supernatural hell.

Whatever, you are still risking it.

You are still playing for the big wins and the big losses.

If you weren’t, you would see no problem in just giving up on this life. If there was nothing to win or lose. Like budists.

But you have designs on this life, don’t you?