The Black Hole in Modern Psychology, Hope for Resolution?

Conversion Therapy used to treat psychological disorders such as Homosexuality fell out of practice in the latter half of the twentieth century, less for sound scientific reasons and more for counter-culture protests aimed at intimidating the concensus.

As a result, we’ve been left with a awkward society wide problem… as homosexuality is now forbidden to be approached as a disorder or a disease, and in many areas, such as California and England the very idea of Gay Cures have been outlawed- we are left with a inversion paradox, as other, similar disorders are still systematically reacted against legally via the penal code that can just as easily be described via the Psuedo-Science of protest lobbying psychologist that justified the unquestioning banning/ non-diagnosis of homosexuality and by that, exploring possible treatments to counter their disorders.

So we now live in a society were one set of psychological disorders are culturally applauded as the new normal -homosexuality- while similar disorders, such a pedophilia, repetitive rape, necrophilia, incest, beastility, and sexual cannabalism are left in the lurch… as they fit many of the non-curable diagnosis that were applied to justify open acceptance of homosexuality.

I’m left to wonder where ultimately this is going to leave us, if we’re not already quickly reaching this point, as a society: Will sexuality be judged not in what it is as a experience from the thinking of the sexualized individual… or will the only acceptable outlook in time be the ‘fear and non-tolerance factor’ by society on a whole looking back at individuals, preferring not to explore some classes of sexual disorders for cultural, non-scientific reasons, perfecting locking them up instead of focusing on developing a quantifiable science that can cure them in time, bringing them back into society, due to the slippery slope of the cures eventually encompassing other disorders such as homosexuality.

How accepting society is, for example, of homosexuality is determined by the degree of fiat control homosexuality has on the populations media- high in San Francisco and London, Low in Atlanta and Moscow, though populations in each city possess a similar educational level. However, necrophilia is equally disgusted in all four. Pedophilia is slightly more tolerated by some factors of control, such as university acceptance, as some sexuality professors (one in SF I can recall there, more in Vancouver) out in support of it along lines similar to the support current in the ideology that supports homosexuality- its a ‘natural variant of sexuality’, not curable and only desired to be cured in the face of social pressures to conform.

I think it comes down to the fear factor. Parents are fearful their children will be raped. People are afraid when thy die their bodies will be used by necros. People, especially women, fear being raped. Our legal codes are enforced in a democracy of fear, and the practices are pushed underground. In the case of gays, they reversed the role until we gain the opposite current, heterosexuality being increasingly pushed underground into a submissive role, which is counter logical given the role heterosexuals play in maintaining population levels.

Psychology today isn’t apparently tackling this from the perspective of sexual genesis of attraction, how perversions become cemented through secretive isolation and reinforcement, and then brought mainstream into acceptance, except of course when it needs to validate homosexuality, while other forms of sexual dysfunction are left in the lurch.

Our laws are split, as homosexuality is decriminalized, perophilia and rape remains actively persecuted in courts. They can be treated as psychological disorders as society is still willing to recognize them as such, or they can choose to humanize them (rarely) otherwise they are thrown into a prison system with absolute neglect and contempt.

I don’t see how its possible to reform the prison system, with its high numbers of rapists and pedophiles especially, without revisiting a need for a unified theory of sexuality, impulse, and perversion, and this is going to by default require reopening the discussion on gay homosexuality- which though isn’t as threatening to society, is clearly not natural and requires constant cultural conditioning of both youths and the larger population on a whole to accept them and to completely turn away form its detractors, especially the role they played in the AIDS crisis and destabilizing straight long term relationships by removing several thousands of years of restrictions civilization placed over marriage to ensure families remain together and youths don’t grow up psychotic, as they are increasingly now.

This will be difficult given how aggressive the gay advocacy groups are, protesting attempts by the APA in particular in recent years to reevaluate their position, causing them to shut down efforts before they officially met.

Until hard science is allowed to be explored and gros, and freedom of scientific thought enlarged, and not Psuedo-Science in mandating gay normality, we are going to be left without the possibility of a unified theory regarding sexuality, its debilitating perversions, and how to cure people of their conditions- as a result, the prison population will always be high in these categories, due to our neglect to look for a cure for repeat offenders… or far worst, we will have to be subjugated to lifelong efforts to continuously reeducate us to be accepting and friendly of all these disorders operating openly in our midst, from our children being molested, our female members of society being slways raped, and our dead molested and eaten.

I see this latter reality increasingly emerging, with little inherently good to justify it. It’s time to take psychology out of its dark ages and start pushing it to become a hard science, capable of resolving these core issues if sexual disorder that saturate the criminal elements of every society on earth.

Of course there are still practitioners and associations that promote and do conversion therapy. Perhaps they will be discriminated against and those happy with the treatments as well. But it chugs along and if it is successful, then other people will find them, especially nowadays with the internet.

I would doubt that ‘non-curableness’ was a primary criterion for eliminating homosexuality from the DSM. There’s stuff in there that is incurable and has nothing to do with sex. So the whole necrophilia is ookie to the left but homosexuality is ok to the left, and there is no way to distinguish between these, so the left just mindfucks everyone and Controls the DSM
is a very weak one.

Actually, the bulk reason why psychologists were opposed to treating it in the early 20th century was just that… they admitted to not knowing how to cure it, and became increasingly defeated and skeptical.

Secondly, though its now seen as a left issue, it wasnt originally, in the beginning it wasproto-science, as all psychology was.

I’m opposed to absurdities like masbatory reconditioning or aversion treatments using electrical stimulation, just like I am in other fields- it feels sickly Nietzschean. I’m more interested in the encountering with reducing the prison problem by reducing the psychological attachments to activities related to prolonged and repeated imprisonment.

The gay community is effectively cock blocking progress here. We advanced technologically a lot since the gay riots of the 60s that tied the hands of the psychological community behind their backs. You don’t give the patients control over the asylum, and you don’t let them rewrite the textbooks by socially cohersing the doctors into going along with their pretext.

It’s absolutely absurd. In order to tackle these crimes, in a human manner, were going to have to get into their heads to figure out what makes them click. To claim they are not curable yet regard them as a threat means we’ve thrown out both the insanity plea and innocent until proven guilty possibility, and resigned ourselves to locking these people up forever.

I don’t accept this, the nature vs nurture argument doesn’t consider the possibility that hard science can engineer a solution independent if this dichotomy.

I’m for a radical reduction of the prison population though knowledge of the prisoners mindset via repeated fMRI monitoring of case subjects over the long term- from court to jail and to parole, with a emphasis on parole and recidivism until we can develope a blueprint of what the court system’s real concerns should be… not punishing people via ‘time’ but efficiently and economically seep rating those who can change from those who can’t, and putting them on the best course of change juxtapositioned against societies understanding of crime, testing to see how real and realistic their concepts are.

I don’t see how its possible if as a society we choose to maintain this double deception. It makes no sense for a science, especially psychology, to be controlled by the desires if its lunatics and perverts. Makes even less sense for society to allow them to put the rest in unending reeducation, telling us its not their choice and its their biological nature, hole telling everyone else its a learned and unnatural behavior on our own part to seperate ourselves from them. He’ll, couldn’t that same argument be applied to people who want to beat the shit out of rapists and pefophiles? Is there a arguments that the hatred they feel to a pedophile is really all that different from that towards homosexuality traditionally?

No… it’s the same thing, and its just as natural for society to be suspicious and hostile to gays as the gays, rapists, and pedophiles can claim being born that way.

It resolves nothing, leaves us in a chronic state of self-imposed ignorance… and more and more people are thrown into jail, while those with related disorders are applauded!

Only thing I can see here is the mallibility of social fear can be changed, so long as its constantly hammered, and that we make individual threat assessments during the hammering process. A gay guy is much lower in the average persons threat assessment than a rapist or a pedophile… until something in The Metaphysics of Violence brings forth the awareness this group is harmful again. A example being, the AIDS epidemic.

Likewise, there are poor remedies to other sexual dysfunctions- preventing rape, in a culturally charged fear of rape brought to extreme proportions, making women wear the hijab in Islam for example, encourages a culture of segregation where the only real sexual creatures in view ARE MEN, and it counter-productive to the religions aim produces a poorly closeted male-homosexual culture that thrives off of hatred and abuse towards women who are treated like cattle.

I’m for a ending of the dichotomies, removing the air of fear 20th century sexual psychology enforced, through brain washing and ignorance, and get down to solutions. A unified theory of sexuality, one who’s priority is to solving the problem of sexual perversions that causes hate, distrust, and harm to society, and not a shallow field following the commands of its discontents in enforcing the mass celebration of its various forms of debauchery.

It wasnt originally a left issue, and there are people on the right backing it as a legitimate aspect of their traditional ideology. I’m for chucking the ‘pro-gay anti-hate’ rhetoric, replacing it with ‘pro-human, anti-abuse of hate rhetoric’ as all it does is cause people to hate more and more and more the variants of this dysfunction.

I am pro human first. I want to respect the people in every sexual category as human first, without punishing or forever reeducatibg the rest of society to accept their excess. It hurts us, a lot. How many dies from the drugs and AIDS that emerged from the party culture of the 80s world wide? How many women are scarred from rape? Adult burden from molestation as a child? It’s a reckless hedonism, and lazy logic, to turn a blind eye and accept this all as natural and unchangeable.

It’s not so, we haven’t really tried. We can still make progress, through science and a new philosophical examination of what exactly it is that we have done to ourselves as a society. I ask the impossible of us, not to go along in mindless, self perpetuating compassion for the groups, but to take a firm stand for their welfare. Respect the pedophile, the rapist, the gay man… know they are still human and individually to you may form little to know threat, but to society on the whole as a collective are hostile. Don’t hate them for it, feel sorry for them because we can’t cure them. Don’t let them trick you, or intimidate you into thinking what they do is just fine.

I want to leave behind the culture of fear they effect upon us, reduce their dependency on our jail system, and the never ending indoctrination to win us over to their perversions. I want them to get better, intergrate back into society, and for society to move foreward under the dry light of reasoning. Back to a psychology focused on science and not lobbying and intimidation, a society if peace and not self deceptive hatred.

Contra I don’t think you realize the depth of the exchange that we could have on so many topics that interest you if you could just be a bit concise.

It is up to the individual to seek peace and resolution of mind I would think… though a good psychoanalyst could give direction and the necessary tools with which to do so - show me a human-being who has not had to battle with their own mind (no matter how fleeting the battle might have been) and I’ll show you a liar.

The human mind cannot change genetic dispositions. Homosexuality is genetic. It is found in species other than human. Conversion from it would amount to living a lie.

If being homosexual is considered a mental illness, this goes against Christianity and other religions - those that judge homosexuality - since they attribute homosexuliaty to a moral failure, one of the many forms of loss of control to the dark side of the self.

Perhaps a line of tolerance can be drawn on such genetic abnormalities as pedopheilia for the sake of society in general; but, what two consenting adults do with their equipment is nobodys’ business but theirs. There are some instances of genetic flukes such as attention deficit disorder which might yield to teaching and meds. Homosexualty isn’t one of them.