The Blank Feeling

I love the human mind. Though I will never understand it, I believe its true power will not be ever excepted thru time.
We use our brain power to decide what is right from wrong, just from unjust or evil from good.
But I get this Blank Feeling. What I feel from this Blank Feeling is that our minds do not have the power to decide what is right from wrong, just from unjust or what is evil or good.
I fear that he human mind has thought so much about it self that it has forgotten everything around him.
Have we forgotten? Have we decided we ARE god? Have we let the Earth lay waste for our needs?
As a philosopher I did search for the truth. And all Ive got to say that I am scared. Really F**ckin scared.
This is my attempt to describe The Blank Feeling. I love you all G’night.

There is no right and wrong, just from unjust, or good and evil. Consequences dictate your course of action. If you can kill someone without any consequences, why not?

Not a day goes by where I don’t see the human race trying to be a God.

Not our needs, but our wants.

You should be. There is a lot more out there than you could ever imagine.

Where all did you look?

Welcome to the club.

This is the most tangible argument for me that the gods have fled, or God is dead, or however you want to put it. For many, there is no belief structure pervasive enough to support us through all of out time. This can be a curse or an opportunity, depending on the way your confront it. My advise is to tread lightly during these times. Don’t be hard on yourself. For a long time, this feeling has triggered depression for me. I thought I should constantly engage the world, work to imporve it, etc… These days I’ve come to grips with the fact that I can do nothing during these times; I have no spiritual, mental, physical, etc… energy. I am, in effect, nothing during these times. Endure these periods and as you come out of them, question the visceral feelings that reign. Don’t turn away from your fear and certainly not your love. As the blankness subsides and my world begins to once again organize itself around me, I’ve found great clarity from which I’ve made a number of life defining actions that have done well for me. For example, I started , which is directly geared to helping provide a framework for people to life themselves out of this predicament and carve themselves active roles in the socio-political-economic world.

The philosophical tradition has a lot to say about this too. This is kind of topic that I had read for years without even seeing in the texts. Once I passed through these times I found that a lot of these themes were more profound, capable of coming to mind and helping float me through times when I’d otherwise crash on the couch and stare at episodes of The Family Guy that I’ve seen a dozen times. Check out Heidegger’s ‘What is Metaphysics’ from his ‘Pathmarks’ essay collection. Also, the first two chapters (not sections) of Hegel’s Phenomenology tells a very vivid story along these lines. Also, Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’ and ‘On the Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life’? There’s tons, good luck.


There are many significant consequences to killing someone besides legal retribution. Right and wrong, just and unjust do exist within anyone who has been socialized among others whom have shown them compassion, love, respect, or any other attitude that affirms their selves as independent beings. I strongly recommend that you don’t kill anyone even if you think you can do so ‘without any consequences.’

Just a little advice :smiley:

Murdoc wrote:

How So?


Correct, I mean these, too. Not just legal retribution. Any consequences whatsoever. No matter how small they are.


Well, my friend, for your information what your mom told you was wrong all your life really isn’t wrong … or right for that matter. What is good to you may be bad to someone else and vice-versa. For example, you like pecan pie. You think it is Good. Your friend Bob hates pecan pie. He thinks it is Bad. Well then what the hell is it? Good or Bad? In truth it is niether. You can apply the same principle to murdering another human being. To you killing is Bad. To a mass murderer killing is Good. To someone at war protecting his country and himself, killing is Good. The only way he can survive is if he kills. So then what the hell is it? Who is right? Niether you or the killer is right because it isn’t good or bad just like the pie. Now, that killing isn’t good or bad the only thing stopping or motivating you are the consequences of your action. The mass murderer goes to jail and the man at war comes back and gets the medal of honor.

I mean, do you think we hesitated to kill another that was trying to steal our very rare meal in the stoneage? Thats why I kill only when I HAVE to. These days we are lucky enough that we evolved to not HAVE to kill eachother so much.

P.S.- Shrooms are a crutch.

But were not talking about sothing as trivial as pecan pie. Were talking about Morals (i think). Seems like your a relativist. Morals aren’t just a “matter of opinion” you cant compare it to Pecan pie.

Take take this for example. John likes to kill people with blonde hair just because of thier hair color. Jerry Doesn’t like killing blondes, in fact he tells John that its wrong for him to kill people just becuase of thier hair color.

Is Jerry wrong for telling John he is wrong? More importantly is Jerry wrong for believing that?

Why is pecan pie considered trivial when compared to killing someone?

You just did when you said pecan pie was trivial. In your opinion, killing isn’t trivial. In my opinion, it is.

Both of them are not wrong or right about what they are doing. There is no right or wrong! Why does one man who kills get an award for it and another goes to jail? I thought my post was clear enough but I guess not. Pecan pie, killing people … same thing. :slight_smile:

Murdoc Wrote:

Explain to me how killing is trivial. Was the holocaust trivial?

Killing only when you have to is trivial. Did Hitler have to kill all those people to survive? Most likely not. The holocaust was not trivial. To kill for the hell of it is very evil, but not wrong … or right. He just really liked the consequences of his actions. Taking over the world sounded pretty nice to him. This is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me.

Murdoc wrote:

I don’t see how killing in any circumstance can be trivial. Ask anyone that has had to kill in war, that has given it much thought, and im sure they will tell you it wasn’t a trivial matter. How can it be?

Wow, man, what a weak thing to say.

Just for curiosity’s sake, what led you to write ‘this is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me’? Do you ever get that same feeling when interacting face to face with others? If so, how do they generally react to you at the time (whether or not you actually say ‘this is my…’?

Good luck,

I don’t usually say that. If it bothers you so much I can edit it out for you and my point will still be intact. I was more pushing the fact that morals can be opinionated.


My grandfather was a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. He served once in Korea and 2 times in Vietnam (he killed a lot). He says he had trouble his first time but after that it was as smooth as butter. You really don’t have time to feel sorry for someone who is trying to kill you. But, you know what, screw this trivial bullshit. The point is there is no right or wrong and that only consequences should stop or motivate our actions. In otherwords, when fighting for your survival in a life or death situation killing can help you. You get to stay alive. This doesn’t make killing for your survival trivial. This is where I am wrong. So cry about killing someone if you want, but that doesn’t make it wrong … or right. If you want you can get all emotional while you eat your pecan pie, too. Whatever floats your boat.

I love the replies my friends, thank you so much for the input.

 But alas my friends toward the end of this thread we get caught up in human nature. We must not forget that humans are apart of everything, we are not everything.

 This is why I get the Blank Feeling. I feel that almost all everyone who is thinking for human nature, is only thinking for human nature.

I want to join in but I feel so Blank, to look what my kind is destroying, using up and laying to waste for my kinds own “good”.

 Dont get me wrong, I love humans (hell my girlfriend is one of the best living matter I know).

 But our philosophy must be better, we must not just think about ourselves during our deep thought. We must think about everything around us. Cause everything around us does not think about us.

Our beautiful minds is our greatest gift and we use it with such malice to nature, the one thing that gave us this gift.

 This is the Blank Feeling- To try and feel with the pack, tho you know the feeling is wrong. You must feel the same way as the pack or else you will be though as something wrong, and the pack will disown you. So u go along with a blank feeling just knowing if you agree with the pack you have nothing else to worry about.

 "I think therefore I am"- sorry peeps dont get to high on yourselves.
 "I am therefore I think"- I think this is the way we are supposed to look at things.

Murdoc is partly right, but perhaps failed at expressing his point at its best.
Good and Bad are a point of view, they do exist but are subjective. HOWEVER… Be that as it may, there comes a situation where Good and Bad are objective. Example ? The Constitution. Obviously, being as late as it is, you might get used to the fact my analogies get weird with each passing hour. I do rely on you to get my points fairly.

Still… killing is both good and bad. Obviously. I would kill ANYONE to protect the one I love and would do so without hesitation. But that doesn’t make it right. It is good that I protected her. What does this have to say from an objective point of view ? The law decides it is self defence. Therefore it’s good I killed him to save my lovely sweetheart. Still - WRONG to do it. Even more wrong of him to try to hurt her.

Good and Right don’t go together as well as Good and Wrong don’t match either. There is a saying ‘don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done upon yourself’.

Regardless of talks about killing, think I managed to clarify some of the blur in this topic. Moving on topic, the ‘blank’ feeling is just in your mind. But remember - it is again, a point of view. Because you are a judge you have to decide whether your with me or against me. Do I go to jail or am set free ? Obviously you might think “hey that dude is a killer, you saved your baby girl, you killed a notorious murderer - heck you did us a favor, YOU’RE FREE”. You decided, after having a blank feeling of uncertainty, after weighing everything, cons and pros. Does the killer’s mom agree ? NO! I killed her only son and you set me free. Both of us should go to Hell she says.

On the other hand it is not your duty to judge whether he deserved to die or not, just to decide if I should be set free for defending the one I love.
IMO none of us have the right to judge others. Sure you could think “hey he is a jerk”. All of us do. But thinking “hey he cheated on his girlfriend, IMO he should be caught and get in trouble, HE DESERVES IT”. Not your place to be an ‘executioner’ like that.

Which reminds me… is it wrong of me to think that ? :wink:
I do think some of you might not be able to instantly answer that and get a blank feeling, also because of how this world turned out. Was what I was aiming for while still making my point. Furthermore, Steve is right. Being ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ with the pack has always been with a negative influence on our lives which is why the world is as it is. Let’s face it, most of us know of cases people started smoking at young ages to be ‘cool’ and because their friends do it.


Wait, how can something be evil and not wrong? How can something be good and not right? Hitler’s beliefs of genocide were not political they were a pre-determined predjudice towards the jewish people due to the loss of his terminally ill mother while in the care of a jewish doctor. He later expanded his theorum to include all non-aryans, cripples, homosexuals and social deviants. He pretty much added anyone who disagreed or annoyed him in his path to world domination. But it wasn’t wrong?

… you think that “feeling” is intresting…???..???
…???whatever floats your boat