The Bourne Trilogy = Anti-War?

if anything it is an anti amnesia movie


I do agree somewhat with your premise, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it anti-war. I see how that is a possibility, seeing as he regrets his past actions, but, I don’t think the movie promoted anti-war messages. In Ultimatum, we find out that Bourne had put himself through the training and decided to become Jason Bourne. I think it’s more of a personal journey of a man who regrets his past, especially not being in control of it. The movie was against the CIA, that is clearly visible, but the CIA doesn’t solely represent war, though they have played a vital role in the process.

Did you further notice that when he walks into london in the third film they get a good shot of him picking up a guardian news paper? Symbolic of his transession from right to left wing?

I’m not sure I understand the issue of his amnesia: I assumed it was due to the trauma of being shot nearly to death, but there have been indications that his identity had already been trained right out of him. Anyone?

I kinda phased-out halfway through ‘2’ due to boredom - might catch this one on TV in a few years :-s