The Bullets Are Real...




If religion strengthens our relationship with our god, and heaven is AWESOME, why the precautions?


Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

Matthew 4:6-8
King James Version (KJV)

And Crunk said, unto the posters, does this need a thread?

And without waiting for an answer, nay he could not be bothered to, he pronounced “No, thine thread sucks and cannot produce discussion!”

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Is it better, is it harder to Let go?

…just love, just be without the worry of an afterlife in a non-existent land.



I myself prefer this one:

How about, “It makes no difference if the country has strategic value. Stop supporting the countries and start supporting the starving people.” First world countries, the US leading them, pour millions in humanitarian aid into third world countries most of which doesn’t help the people of those countries. I’m becoming more and more convinced that’s because the leaders of some of the third world countries aren’t interested in the peasantry. The leaders are willing to commit genocide of their own people rather than–what?


That would never work…you’re making waaaaayy too much sense.


Perhaps the naturally evolved instinct to survive pawns any kind of belief - unless one is insane. :laughing:

Or perhaps it IS a simply rational kind of faith based on an awareness of what we are capable of as human beings!
There’s nothing wrong with a rational faith.

There is no such thing as rational faith. Faith is irrational by definition.

Reasonable Faith then.

Reason = applying whatever reason you subjectively see fit. Any reason will do. It’s a lesser standards than rationality.

Rationality = assuring that there is a sound epistemic theory behind your justified true belief.

Volchok, you can have a rational belief in anything, depending on what your doxastic alternatives are.

Please stop making universal statements about distinctions in philosophy. That’s just not how you do it. It’s why you’re confused so often and constantly find yourself in disagreement with people who know what they are talking about.

“There’s no such thing as rational faith”, is not an article of reason or rationality. It’s a statement that illuminates a lack of understanding of how things are concluded in philosophy, and it’s a pejorative statement against religion, and an unfounded one at that. What position are you attempting to advance with this controversial, pejorative statement?

It’s not the job of philosophy to take sides on religious and political debates. It’s the job of philosophy to fully understand the discourse. You’re not gonna be able to do that if you maintain your pitch-man mentality. That’s sophism not philosophy.

Ffs. That´s not even worthy of a response.

Anyway enjoy your pedestal.

:laughing: look whos talking!

This is how I would react if I had reason to be ashamed of myself as well. I don’t blame you for not countering anything I said. I didn’t expect you too. But I’m glad you’re at least reading the things I’m writing. I have a strange way of getting through to stubborn people. It’s a weird way of getting kicks for me.

Really? And how would you react if you had nothing to say ?
Presumably by insulting me, like you did the other day.
You’re laughable.

But there is a kind of faith that is based on an accurate seeing of the possibility of something.
That is not ‘irrational’ because it is thought through. It just can’t be completely known but that is the basis of what faith is - not being completely known.

I always have something to say. Have you not realized that I pretty much have a mastery of almost every philosophical concept ever conceived?

If you’d rather hone in on what you think are insults, than face the propositions before you, that’s fine, just stop calling it philosophy.

It’s good that I’m laughable. I’ve been called a harsh teacher before. I like it when people can learn without getting their feelings hurt.

What you’re describing is not faith and your description of faith is incorrect.

There lies the problem.

I know it’s hard to imagine to someone who clearly has little to no understanding of the most fundamental and underlying aspects of it. It’ll come to you. Your coping mechanisms should get you through.