The Case Against Race

It is one of those eternal debates that never seem to have a final end point. The Great Race Debate, as it is often called, has at least forced people to acknowledge and accept others who simply look different from them. People who believe in the existence of race base their logic on what is seen in plain view. They would argue that to disregard the existence of race would be to ignore the problem of racism. People who believe the opposite have a more convincing argument. The powerful fact is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt. People have felt that all mankind were always one people, but now science has proven that. The fact that race does not exist, and if it does exists, it is called humanity.

Note: After reading these sources on the topic, I found it to be utterly pointless to single out certain quotes to cite. That is why I highly recommend the complete reading of these articles to get the same full understanding that I have recieved from them.

Citation 1:

While Dr. Gill makes an understandable claim, it really has no chance of standing up against Dr. Brace. An argument on this subject can only go so far relying purely on bone structure when it is blood that built the bone structure. The anthropological viewpoint pretty much leads to the conclusion that there is no race.

On a side note, I found it funny how a lawyer for affirmative action advocates the existence of race. Of course he does, because if race didn’t exist, then the political views of some certain laws would be changed… and then eventually, this guy would be out of the job. Need I say more?

Citation 2: … 414B7F0000

This article gets much more in-depth into the medical field to ascertain the existence of race. Sure, you can categorize the clines we identify in humanity, just like we humans do to animals and bugs and so on, but does that justify the existence of race? This article seems like a stance at the middle ground after making arguments on both sides of the case. The conclusion I’ve drawn from this article is from the medical point of view, the topic of race becomes very Darwinist, citing that evolution is the predominant factor in the cause of these polymorphisms Dr. Brace noted as clines. This is in fact the ultimate realization, that the Darwinist approach becomes clear in explaining the apparent differences in homo sapia.

Citation 3:

When you come right down to it, Wikipedia is all you need. This link pretty much sums up the fact that the word race exists, but that does not imply that what it means exists. Wikipedia serves as the boiling pot to show a variable plethora of viewpoints on the topic of race, but the fact of the matter is…

Citation 4:

Steven Sailer makes a great argument here denoting seven dumb ideas about race that pretty much make it a fact how the mere idea of race is purely social and political. It’s so easy to over-simplify a conflict between two people when you can take a complicated reason and boil it down to one that even children can understand.

Citation 5:

For those who read the Bible, I give you this as a religious standpoint on the matter. It’s a bit out there, given the Christian sentiment of it, but it does quote the Bible on some interesting passages that would make you want to go up to any self-righteous KKK member and shove it up their noses. Although I’m not a Christian, I can at least say that even good-minded Christians, even Catholics I’m sure, know better than to advocate such a thing as race.

It is said that all people are the same color when the lights go out, and of course, the color of blood does not lie. So those who advocate race and racism should look at things beneath the skin. They judge things by what they see, right? Cut my skin and see it carries the same color as the rest of you. We all have our differences. In fact, we are more different as individuals. Just because I may look like someone else, doesn’t mean I am like that person. However, when we get down to it, no matter how we look, we are all the same in the end. We are all human.

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