The Case Against Theism Redux

Why exactly was it moved?

More to the point, WHERE was it moved? There is no link showing it was moved. It just got gone…

It is over in the Rant House. I guess the message being that the reasoned case had become nothing but a unreasonable rant.

Finally found it in Rant House. ??? I guess any disagreement about religious perspective is now considered a rant… :unamused:

Personally I think that’s the right place for it.

The ratio of rant, to intelligent discussion, was pretty high.

Once more any attack on estalbished mythology is considered hateful and ranting.
Be thankful that weakness, in this world, is sheltered from its own errors and lack by a system of authority figures governed by some moralistic imperative and hypocritical civility.

As to who has been “irrational” is evident in the text itself. No answers were given, besides evasive redirections and childish wishes.
Another declaration, on your part, will not protect you from the weakness and non-existence of your reasoning.

No absolute was offered as evidence of the existence of such a concept, no beginnings and no end could be empirically justified, and why this beyond is not included in the concept of the universe is not explained.

Furthermore what consciousness is, what intelligence is and why a perfect entity creates are not explained.

You, and your kind, have failed repeatedly to offer a single rational and well-thought out argument. No evidence is to be found, and your reasoning is circular and based on emotional criteria.
All you have is this ambiguous document that often contradicts itself and uses childish magic to explain the world.

I asked for a simple definition for the concept of existence, because it plays a central part in your mythology and the closest I got to a straight answer was ‘That which IS’.
This is the kind of reasoning behind Theistic thinking. It exemplifies its qualities and reveal that it isn’t thought but felt and inherited.

While I agree the ratio of rant to intelligent discussion was rather high, personally I didn’t feel that it was outside of the normal bounds found on the religion board. Consider that my signing statement.

However, I do agree with the general consensus that the level of vitriol present on the thread was damaging to the integrity of the section, as a variety of posters had gotten it into their heads that such actions were acceptable.