The Cells of the Body Speak

All the cells of the body - the soldier white cells, the energiser liver cells, the organising brain cells, - were in congress. They were arguing whether someone else occupied or governed their world. Rumours said that it’s name was Harry Smith.

Some cells, like the soldier white cells, and the liver cells, said that as there was no physical evidence of Harry Smith then there was no need to panic - claims to his existence were superstitious rumours.

Other cells, notably the brain cells, said that as all the cells were functioning together without the help of Harry Smith then Harry Smith, if he existed, could only be a bad influence.

The cells concluded that Harry smith, if he existed, could only be a ghost, and that only a fringe minority of cells believed in ghosts.

Does Harry Smith reward/punish cells according to their belief/lack of it in his existence while they are alive or after they are dead? :-k

Biolgoically your analogy is flawed liver cells despite having over a thousand uses aren’t really energisers per se, they just generally provide a function, the energy unit of a cell is its battery the liver might supply it with sugar levels via its relation to the pancreas, but it is not simply an energiser it’s just a hard working breaker down and creator or regulator of stuff that is of use to the other organs. Cells, are self sustaining individuals that are controlled chemically and as a whole by the hormones, enzymes that catalyse change. The liver manages virtually everything in the body from breaking down hormones to heating the body to supplying extra blood, it does not actually supply energy it just regulates it to some extent as it regulates everything in the body almost, by homeostasis. Beyond biology though I have no idea what you mean, could you dumb it down a bit who’s this smith geezer?

Functionally chemically the brain cells don’t really organise anything either, they are just the regulators of the first line of experience with the real world, ie sensation. Biologically we would be little more than a collection of semi independant cells without chemical interactions on a complicated scale. But simple labels of cellular structures are too confining to make any sort of analogy beyond how the body functions as a system, but not the whole. Is that what you mean, we are more than the sum of our parts, and where’s Waldo? Take the Deus ex machina? It isn’t needed, it’s just mechanical biology at essence?

Yes, he does! AND We do it all the time - punish, or look askance, at the part of our body that is giving us pain.

My analogy worked well for organs of the body that are presented in terms of their tasks. The liver is tasked. The brain is tasked. And we are tasked. But for the cells there was a spirit - Harry Smith - but for Harry Smith - is there a spirit? Surely, unless we applaud lopsided thinking then Harry Smith could have a spirit.

You suck. Boo! You suck!

This Harry Smith must be quite a guy. I personally don’t care whether my cells believe I exist or not as long as they do what they are meant to do. It is when they do not perform their functions (which does not include belief in my existence) that I become aware of them and take corrective action.

I pity Harry Smith and his cells.