The chaos of a magical mind

Magical thinking is believing without reason. I find myself always caught up in these games in my head: I get myself to believe that if I do this, I will achieve bliss, or if I do that, I can do X. Basically, at some times, when it gets extreme, I believe I can control everything. But I’m not insane, because I’m still in touch with reality… Right?

Hi D!

Right on!
Let me share your thoughts this way:

Magical thinking is loving without reason and for no reason since Love is unconditional and is the magic that makes imagination out of the images of words!

I find myself always caught up in this game of Love in my head since that is what Love is for: Love of all words and word-games.

I get myself to believe that if I love all words, I will achieve bliss, or if I do that, I can do X. Basically, at some times, when my Love gets extremely moderate and moderately extreme, I believe I can control everything in my head.

But I’m not insane, because I love me as insane and as sane and so I’m still in Love and so in Love in touch with outer reality… Right?


I love me as insane so I can love others who think they are and so show them that the real insanity is to hate being insane and that they are really insane only to the extent that they hate being insane!

For instance, D,
suppose you thought you were insane, and I who think that I am sane agreed with you.

Doesn’t the fact that me, a sane man, also think that you are insane mean that I am also insane since i agree with an insane you?

And doesn;t the fact that you, an insane man, agree with me, a sane man, not also mean that you are also sane?

of course!

So we are all both sane and insane: both are normal!

What the real insanity is therefore is to hate being insane! To hate being insane IS abnormal!


That is why there are so many insane people out than in!smile

It is our insane idea that it is sane to hate self as any word including insane that has led many to conclude that they are going insane for THINKING a thought, a thought that was hated by society in general!

what do you think?

Since you are from canada, you must know of paul anka! One of his first songs was: Crazy Love! not to mention Diana!

How can I be insane for thinking that being crazy in Love is sane? smile

love and r,

D wrote:

You are not insane. Irrational, but not insane. Reality is what you make it. Its all relative anyway. If you believe you control everything, and truly believe this; you do. But only in your world. So in other words, even if there is something that occurs that you didnt control, you will attribute the cause to yourself some kinda way, whether it be rational or irrational.

I think you have lost touch with reality, more so than I have.( And Im pretty Fnrigginering InSaNe!!!)

Lost in touch with reality, usually is in fact, too deep into reality…


If im thinkin X is what i think it is then let me continue YAY!! lets do X one of the nations leading causes of depression oh boy maybe the next generation wont be affected by our reckless drug abuse…HOORAY maybe the gene pool wont be affected by the substantial amounts of chemicals good there will defiantely by NO serios side effects because of all this :confused: like wtf X is super aint it ?