The Cherokees Selling Out To Corporations

I just came back from a week vacation up in the beautiful smoky mountains of North Carolina… For about a week, I and my girlfriend stayed in Cherokee, N.C. taking a breather from the world we came from and embracing the real world that so many of us just don’t stop to take time and appreciate. A heafty dose of mountain air and spring water does good to clear up anyone’s troubled mind.

However, despite the good of the trip, I found out about the disgusting corporate presence alive and well within the Cherokee Indian Reservation. It’s rather sickening how these people have decided to sell out to Harrah’s to achieve free medical care for all their kind. Free medical care is great - hell, we don’t even get that from the U.S. Federal Government, but still, is that a justifiable price to selling a piece of land - a piece of heritage - to a modern money-making machine that puts a stain on a culture that has struggled and continues to struggle to survive?

While driving towards Cherokee, I noticed big bilboards for Santa’s Land - a theme park with a zoo that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Native American culture. It made me sick to my stomach to see this place when I drove by it, roller-coasters and all. However, when I saw the Harrah’s with its towering hotel/casino and a lit-up bilboard advertising Martin Short - one night only! - I came to see a people who have stopped fighting, only to give in. It’s sad how 90% of all the businesses in Cherokee are non-native owned and operated.

Your thoughts?

capitalism at its finest.

good for the Cherokee.


sad fact is, there is no civilisation outside of war. the day they stopped fighting (and i do mean rifles and axes) they were dead. thus, you come across as a sort of “well he’s been dead for a while, but why did he have to go ahead and turn bluish and stinky ?”

Yes, we should all get together and force the Cherokee to live in the manner we expect them to…

i thought we were.

The thing is, no one will remember the Cherokees who sold out their nation and their land to secure the “white man’s way” in their culture. They are nameless! We will always remember the Cherokees who did extraordinary things for their people like Sequoya, Tsali, and Junaluska… Of course, there are other Native Americans who did extraordinary things, like Tecumseh… but when was the last time you heard about the Shawnee do anything…

Indians are free thinking people and should look to get involved with as many different types of people and ideas as they please. When Euros first came to America the Indians were interested in their ideas and technology. They stopped being interested when they totally lost and then they retreated to tradition.

Much like the recent religious insanity, when things get “traditional” it’s the beginning of the end. Things are moving backward not forward.

Perhaps this is a sign of healing and interest in the Indian community. There is a world out there.

adlerian has a point. if we were to be traditional, we wouldn’t wash.

If even they no longer appreciate their own heritage and culture, then why should we mourn it?

Of course, on an emotional level I do think it’s a shame. Once it’s been whored out they won’t ever get it back.

Good old white bleeding hearts…

We like something that belongs to another culture, the other culture decides it wants rid of said thing, so we worry about it? It isn’t ours to worry about.

It’s simply the inverse of the old attitude where we sought to destroy anything that wasn’t of our culture, now we’re willing to sacrifice our own culture in favour of the Other, no matter what it is.

Weak spirited western thinking. Get over it.