The Christmas Gift Thread: Brag Here :)

I got a new bike, which is awesome, but my asthma is being really bad lately and I think I have a cold, so I can’t use it. I also got a few books and a reading light, and a couple of card games.

Ipod nano!

Full suround sound system, xbox 360, new hard drive, buncha shirts, buncha cologne and bathroom shit, a comforter and a bag of weed.
Now, onto the 20 pound bird in the oven!

lamb skin dumbeg (armenian drum)

Collection of 20 of the most significant books of all time (stuff from Marcus Aurelius to George Orwell, excellent mix), a DVD I’ve been hankering after for 6 months and a draft excluder (what I asked for)…

All in all I’m pretty happy, though I did check the news headlines and yet another year has gone past without world peace so I suppose we should just all wish a bit harder next time around…

guinness slippers and some guinness.

i have simple pleasures

I just got some gift cards and haven’t gotten around to spending all of them yet. So far, I’ve nabbed these:

The Fabric of the Cosmos - Brian Greene
Existenzphilosophie - Jaspers
The Philosophy of Leibniz - Benson Mates
Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius - Ray Monk

Out of interest, and being a bibliophile, what is this collection?

Jon F

An awesome coffee machine and some delicious coffee :smiley:

From a wonderful review of a horrible movie, “Joe likes coffee.”

He sure does :smiley:

So… in my ongoing study into the benefits of holding onto earthly posessions I’ve decided that the housecoat I received for christmas is the best gift I’ve gotten this year, and possibly top ever. Though that stretch armstrong back in grade 5 was pretty good.

I’m wearing it now… and likely will be when I go out on my next date.

Jon F,

The collection is the penguin Great Ideas box set

Seneca - On the Shortness of life
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
St Augustine - Confessions of a Sinner
Thomas a Kempis - The Inner Life
Niccolo Machiavelli - The Prince
Montaigne - On Friendship
Jonathan Swift - A Tale of a Tub
Rousseau - The Social Contract
Gibbon - The Christians and the Fall of Rome
Thomas Paine - Common Sense
Mary Wollstonecraft - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
William Hazlitt - On the Pleasure of Hating
Marx & Engels - The Communist Manifesto
Schopenhauer - On the suffering of the World
John Ruskin (local intellectual hero) - On Art and Life
Darwin - On natural selection
Nietzsche - Why I am so wise
Virginia Woolf - A Room of one’s Own
Freud - Civilisation and Its Discontents
Orwell - Why I write

I do own half a dozen of these already but I think it’s a beautiful collection to get as a single item. I may even review some of the texts here…

Added another four books yesterday.

The Philosopher’s Handbook - editor Stanley Rosen
The Philosophy of Schopenhauer - Bryan Magee
The Essential Kierkegaard - editors Hong & Hong
The Story of Psychology - Morton Hunt

Unfortunately, that pretty much exhausts my gift cards: only some $21 left from $200. :cry:

A simple blanket which I have sought for a little over 15 years. Anticipation is a wonderful thing.

So was the blanket all you were expecting Brother Egg?

Not at all, it was just the only thing that I have coveted for soooo long.

A sweatshirt, a ukelele, a bottle of scotch, which is good, because at the time I was feeling cold, musical and thirsty.


The Philosophy of Schopenhauer - Bryan Magee

Get rid of that or any other book written about a philosopher and go pick up the guy’s real works! Trust me, you will be glad that you did and smarter for it.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hear another opinion. Someone perhaps that can better explain the working of the particular society a book was written in, in a given point in time.