The Christmas Gift Thread: Brag Here :)

I agree with you in a general sence, though I’ve had very good experiences with supplemental works, most notably those on Nietzsche by the likes of Walter Kaufmann, R.J. Hollingdale, and Richard Schacht. Not to mention, I indeed own some Schopenhauer. Why the blanket disregard of the supplementals?

I suppose that they can be good but I’m rarely interested in reading some other person’s opinion about what I just read. I like to trust my own interpretation of the material that I just read. I also believe that I can get a psychological feel for the author by reading his stuff.

Much of my reaction comes from going to college and almost never reading any original work, but only second or third hand information in textbooks.

I never appreciated B.F. Skinner for instance until I independently purchased his books and read them. Mostly, he gets a few pages in the average textbook , but in reality he had some huge ideas about life and so forth.

Anyway, if you are reading the source stuff then there’s no problem with a little frosting on the cake.

That’s fair, especially what you say about trusting your own interpretation. But I would counter by pointing out you can do the same with the supplemental material. You’re not just reading in order to allow someone else to tell you what someone else said (awful, as you say) but you’re reading another’s interpretation and interpreting (perhaps criticizing) that interpretation - and this is possible even if you’ve never read the original works. Just as fun; all the same game, really.

interpretation and interpreting (perhaps criticizing) that interpretation

I totally agree with that. There’s nothing lost by reading much of anything as it always tells you something about the way people think.

I got penguins!!! :smiley:

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I have my ways, don’t you worry about that! :evilfun:

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