The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Possibly the stupidest thing ever invented. Read the story.

Man, I love irony. The stupidest thing you say? Heh.

Anyways I think the idea is original, witty, and a valid rebuttal to the pro-ID crowd.

I’m thinking of converting myself.

I want to be touched by his noodly appendage.



Time to breed more pirates. I’m sure given enough political power on television, we can find logical connection between number of pirates and hurricane and tsunamis.

Here’s the formula:

y = k/x ----conveniently thought of a long time ago by mathematicians.

let y = number of occurences of hurricane, etc.

x = number of pirates.

k = constant

I actually drew a visual representation for the pirate/global warming ratio.

WOW am i stupid.

how old are you?

and i know the stubble is fake

good looking out. the stubble is fake. also, when i made the icon, i didn’t know there was somebody here called OG already. sorry about that, if you thought i was trying to take your place, pod person style.

Anyways, allow me to answer your question with another question: Does it really matter?

No. But I’ll tell you what does. This guy. He is the true chosen one, guided by His noodly appendage.

It doesn’t matter… I’m just curious

you can have the secret though…

Where’s Bob Dobbs when you really need him.

And that picture, the last one. Do you think it’s possible that the burger is about to consume the man? The helmet really makes you wonder.

My name, age, and location do not matter. The only thing that does matter is that you know I am completely useless. I tried being smart on the forums, but that can get real boring if you don’t really care. And remember, if you don’t believe in the FSM, then