The Competitive Game

For life is nothing more than chaotic game filled with evolutionary winners and losers.

That is odd, I was taught that one cannot predicate of a first principle.

That is about as deep as those who claim that a line is composed of an infinite number of points. I am still waving my knife in the air trying to make a salad.

There you go again speaking in riddles. Do you not know how to speak plainly?

Say not what you mean and not mean what you say… ](*,)

You are probably not aware that I have already given you recourse to all the help I can. I post free audio-books and ebooks on the internet archive, a main project is the translations of the works of Plato. I also post video’s on youtube, my main project is Analogic, a new analogic I seem to have discovered. Now, if you want to learn how to understand names, Plato suggested the exact sciences. See my Delian Quest and Jacob’s Ladder.

They may not help as I have had college teachers tell me they would have to learn more to be able to follow. However, I don’t see why, it really is easy–all you have to do is really understand what you learn in certain parts of grade school. How what I do has been missed in history is a mystery to me. It is as plain as the nose on my face.

However, I suggest an in depth study of the works of Plato, rather than ask me, as he had art, I am artless. I would suggest one thing however, quit demanding of other people to understand for you–that demonstrates a great lack of discipline while growing up.

He’s not speaking in riddles.

As such, you, and your opinions, are absolutely worthless. Or are you winning? What are you doing? Is your philosophy contradictory to your actions? Is this something you should examine?

Excuse me…

I can’t say I’m losing at this point in my life but neither can I say I’m winning either.

At best I could say I’m in the process of winning through rebounding. :slight_smile:

As a nihilist would say all people’s opinions are worthless in a world that only respects raw power.

I’m just caged bird singing in my rusty cage.


As of yet no…


I like to put things simply. There are some people who see the world for what it is. There are some people who see the world for what it should be.

You clearly fall into the first category. A squawking bird with clipped wings…or have you found a purpose for action? A reason for living, beyond…desire?

Apperently yes.

That’s interesting Stoic, I hadn’t seen that topic yet.

I appreciate that you, James, appreciate that I’m trying to engage with you, not attack you. I appreciate you giving me such straightforward responses. To me, it sounds like you are in fact very self-aware and this, in my opinion, is the most important thing an individual can have going for them.

Never allow yourself to forget precisely who you are. Never allow your ideals to get in the way of this.