The coolest historical person you've never heard of.

We all know a little, right? Human history is long. So, who are some cool people you’ve found out about recently that you think others should know about?

I’ll throw Mary Phelps Jacob who invented the bra and lived an awesome life and Paul Robeson who just plain kicks ass.

What about you?

I remember my American English teacher in high school telling me one day, after reading Brave New World I think, that she’d discovered that soma was actually an Iranian invention and evidence that Iranians had done something in history! I kind of stood there speechless. I don’t know how cool these people were, but I’m going to assume very cool for the purpose of this topic. Anyways, these choices are just a quick glance inspired by that attitude:

“It was in Edinburgh, in 1756, that he gave the first documented public demonstration of artificial refrigeration…”


William Jennings Bryan

I’d have thought more people would have heard of him, but found out over the last few years that almost nobody has.

…He only delivered the greatest speech ever written.

David Kellogg Lewis.

Look at that beard!

that beard is a thing of beauty

envy !

Spinoza…Simply did his thing. Tossed out of his synagogue for heresy at 22.
He was declared dead to the Jewish people and thus the Jewish people were forbidden
to have any contact with him and he was secure enough to take it.
He did his thing and he was so cool, people came to him because he
had a reputation all over Europe. And all this because he just wanted
to do his thing.


I will nominate Evariste Galois.

He is not as broad, or maybe as generally interesting as Robeson, but in a single complex subject, I don’t think that anyone could be as spectacularly brilliant in such a short period of time.

The legend, of course, is better than reported on Wiki.

After failing to gain entrance to the university, he taught advanced mathematics on the streets of Paris. The students were, overwhelmingly, secret police sent to spy on him for his political views - It must have been fun for them.

Reportedly he was killed defending the honor of a prostitute (my kind of guy). In the short period of time, between receiving his wound and his death, he wrote perhaps the deepest most penetrating mathematics of all time. Hermann Weyl, one of the best mathematicians of the 20th century, wrote “This letter, if judged by the novelty and profundity of ideas it contains, is perhaps the most substantial piece of writing in the whole literature of mankind.”

Galois died at age 20.

Wilhelm von Humbolt between him and Kant, they’re the reason you have to go to law school or medical school for three or four more years

This is Seth, Adam and Eve’s third son :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: … 23/599.jpg

About Seth:

Seth was supposed to have died when he was 912 years old!!!That’s pretty cool in my book. Do you know anyone else who could have done that? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I would also have to say my grandfather who I never knew. Historically speaking, he was known by many of his family and friends. I think he was very cool - I would have loved to have known him. Perhaps I am him - reborn. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Coffee time.