the day America lost...Abortion and the mask

the other day, the United States Supreme Court refused to stay a Draconian Texas
state law banning abortion… in other words, Abortions are now illegal in Texas…

this has many different aspects of it… but the one that should get
the most attention but won’t is this… that somehow mask wearing is
unconstitutional as an attempt to deny freedom to the individual wearers, but the right
to Abortion is somehow unconstitutional… in other words, the individual can decide for themselves
in regards to mask but somehow the individual (a women) is denied the right to decide for herself
in regards to abortion…

how does one justify one, under the exact same rules, and deny the other?

if mask are an bridge to far for our freedoms, then how does banning abortion not
a bridge too far?

the actions are the same… an individual right to choose, but in one case, the state
can ban and in the other case the state cannot ban…why this double standard?

in fact, one could make the argument that wearing mask is a necessity due to the
pandemic which has killed over 600,000 Americans, and yet, Abortion which impacts
a family, is somehow, never actually explained, somehow a public crisis which demands
public action… in a way that wearing a mask, which we know saves lives, will not demand
public action…

so, how do you justify one and deny the other given
the individual right to choice?

how do you justify action in one case but deny action in another case?



We live in a shitshow where anti logic is used as a mating display.

You do it yourself.

Some are worse than others.