The death of young ideals

When you are young, you have ideals. Then you grow up. Is the death of ideals and accepting compromise an inevitable part of growing up? Or is it up to the person? Is it possible to hold on to ideals and youthful exuberance and excitement for life?

It’s possible, but difficult. Ideals are mostly bullshit.

I know that my ideals have changed as I have gotten older.

Perhaps accepting compromise and learning to live happily in the world as it is becomes an ideal.

Wait until you get my age. You’re happy is you get through the day without farting in public.

I’m kidding.

No I’m not.

Yes I am.

No I’m not.

Some people call it compromise, i call it complacency.

But who doesn’t have ideals? We all do…

Even if what you strive for is not farting in public, you are striving, and in a struggle is where you will find the blissfully ignorant.

The real compromise is trading your own ideals for mainstream ones…

Faust, I’ve always considered the ability to fart at will, in public, to be the highest manifestation of my ideals. Because of that, I’ve been able to maintain them throughout my life. It really is a warm feeling.

Yeah Smears - but you are still in control. Wait - wait a few years, my friend.

I’m not in control when I drink too much. I go from farts to sharts. Its happened a few times.

My greatest fear.

Five new designs:

Lightning Bolts

Fire-Breathing Scorpions

Fists of Fire

Flaming Hearts

and the brand new…

Marijuana Leaves

Depends go extreme!!!

Coming to a grocery store near you…

It’s time to make flatulence cool again.

Will you star in the TV commercial, Faust?


I think the stars of Depends commercials are assholes.

The lady from Murder She Wrote?

I’m sure she has one.

I’m guessing so, I think I also saw her in a commercial for Sunkist prunes, so I imagine she has put some serious miles on it.

I don’t recall who else has been in a depends commercial. That guy from Something-Life annoys me, the one that used to be the Quaker Oats dude because he is always mispronouncing, “Diabetes.” That by itself wouldn’t bother me, but he uses the word ten or so times every commercial and you have to know that he knows that he’s mispronouncing it.

Yes you are.

I told you we’d have a disagreement eventually, I believe that Faust is seriously not kidding. He’s a thin guy, you know, and it’s always the thin chronologically inclined gentlemen that seem to have the worst gas.

It seems strange that it is not the fat ones, I wonder why that is…

Oh yeah, because they’re all dead before they even get to 50, that’ll do it.

My God. That’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said by far.

But regarding the question,

‘Crap ideals need tearing apart and I’m born to rip.’ -MC Impious, Dionysian Nation

Wow! This conversation started out on ideals and degraded to gas. Is it possible we are whittling out a truth?

Is a truth being squeezed out?


It could be.

But according to what Mr. Faust has said, he doesn’t really have to squeeze…

That actually kind of makes sense…

That’s what I like about him. Truth just flows out of the guy.

While some feel uncomfortable around him, I find him refreshing.