The death to philosophy and science.

The more I watch philosophical debates, the more I am convinced that philosophy and science is limited and has its end point. So many ideas that cannot be proven or disproven. I guess its the question that drives us after all. Not the answer. It is impossible to get the answer. Also when we get to the answer, what then? After all that, when we are standing on top of the universe and we fully understand it and can control it at will. What next? What will we do then? Ask more questions? They are all answered. Boredom hits …

It took a while for it to hit me, but it REALLY is the question that drives us … and whatever drives us is OK with me because if we do hit that time of complete awareness we won’t be driven anymore. We will just end up killing ourselves or waste time away doing nothing. The question gives us hope; it gives us a reason to live.

There’s plenty of things that give people reason to live. Imagine a purely pleasure driven society. If we ever become truly enlightened then it’s a conceivable possibility that society will evolve into such as that.

Other things drive us too - our survival instinct for example.

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Well, perhaps. I don’t think we will ever acheive absolute certainty of everything. In fact, if we continue to rely on traditional ‘proofs’ to be certain of anything, well, then we can’t be certain of anything at all.
Science is certainly limited. Extraordinarly useful, but also extremely lacking. Philosophy… well, it depends how you take philosophy… I believe we can acheive certain levels awareness that one may call ‘the answer’, but well…

such a state would have to be driven, or else we wouldn’t be aware of a very important question: what do we do now?
Logical silliness aside, it seems like the only possible way to answer many questions is by, mm, experiencing… I don’t know how to put into to words. These answers perpetuate themselves, I suppose; simulatneously a means and an end. Kind of like questioning…



I agree with you that people have others means of becoming happy, but this is another matter of science and philosophy. When we know everything (which I believe is impossible) science and philosophy will have no use, thus will not exist anymore. In the end we will be back where we started (the non-existence of science and philosophy). How ironic …


I couldn’t agree more.

After knowing everything and being back at the beginning are you happy? If you are, it won’t last because you will get bored eventually and if you aren’t happy then you have gone through all that only to become sad. So, actually, all that matters is if you are happy or not. With this said, obviously science and philosophy don’t matter. If they don’t matter, then why have them? “The death to science and philosophy.”

Maybe this will help:
Ask yourself any question …

While you try to answer this question you are taking up time. You are being driven to do something.

Now, answer that question.

“Well, shit, everything that was keeping me busy, before, is gone. What will I do now? I think I will ask another question …”

Philosophy’s already dead when Nietzsche’s dead; science is dying fast. the way to proceed is the completely integrate the two, which is not enough, also need to take superstation and all sorts of knowledge in line - philosophise everything in the scientific way - is the way of the future.

“scientific” way? base everything on inductive errors?


You talk as if you’ve got absolutely everything worked right out, but the fact of truth is: your Hume shit, Decartes shit or some modern shit for that matter, doesn’t work.

Philosophy is dead, it’s killed by us. We mushed up the world of reasoning and now, it’s as murky as a pile of stinky mud. He who dives his nose in it, gets out with browns sticking on their brains.

The problem with philosophers is this: they think they stand above everybody else’s head. They refuse to realise that this world just doesn’t seem to accept them or allow them to fit in nicely, like the way science and everything else does. Philosophy can act as the ultimate justifier, but it needs to be properly equipted and organised, not like what it is now - a messy muddy pond itself.

Philosophers must admitte defeat now! They must work with science; work like science. Philosophy should be clear about its limitations as well as its real advantages. This is the only way to proceed from what now seems to be a dead end.

I didn’t anwser your question, but then, I so did!

so you didn’t…



You wrote:
“Philosophy’s already dead when Nietzsche’s dead; science is dying fast. the way to proceed is the completely integrate the two, which is not enough, also need to take superstation and all sorts of knowledge in line - philosophise everything in the scientific way - is the way of the future.”

I, personally, don’t worry about such things. I mean, can we possibly know what is the best way to go for the future? I am trying to say that science and philosophy are both pointless and you are worried if they are going to get married or not. I just don’t care, to be honest.

I think you have completely confused what I am going for here. You think that I am saying that science and philosophy are dying when actually I am saying that they are fully alive. Not only are they alive, but they should be dead because they are pointless (my reasoning for this is in my last 2 posts that I assume you didn’t read or something). Any signs, that you mention, of them dying is more proof that we are coming to realize that it is impossible to know everything.


Love your post. You can substitute Zen for Tao or Truth or Absolute…

“When you are deluded and full of doubt,
Even a thousand books of scripture are still not enough.
When you have realized understanding,
Even one word is already too much.
Zen is communicated personally,
Through mental recognition.
It is not handed on directly by written words”.

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You sound very Chinese indeed. You can speak Chinese to me instead - I’m fluent.


One more time and I’ll have to go colourful so my sentences would stand out, that’s “colour” with a fucking “u”, you bloody nihilist. :wink:

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Why chose blue out of so many coloUrs? You knew I’m libra didn’t you… you cuning old man.

Do I look stupid to you? I mean, how can you even say that there is a contradiction for me, which lies in the assumed fact that I went “philosophic” right after I claimed that “philosophy is dead”? How can you let the inefficiencies of language trap your mind?

“Philosophers must admitte defeat now!” I’m tired of quoting your “ironies”, so here we go - I quote myself. Meta philosophy is just so bloody… useless would be the word. The only use of it, is to give something to do for some people, some nihilist who enjoys a world of caos and never want to procceed.

And how do I know that now will become past? Are you drunk man? How do I know that the future will act the same way in the past? Because I grew a fucking beard just like my dad, my grandad did.

but frank beard is clean shaven…


I don’t know what should I write at this stage of disccussion, so:

It’s been fun ranting with you and until next time old man, stay sober.

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