The Devil Theory, In My Eyes

Listening in Church, about the priest telling about how Jesus first encountered him. Has me thinking, he was human, and who doesn’t experiment with drugs.

Then we have these drugs call “uppers,” primarily “amphetamines,” which the most well known ones are speed, crank, crystal meth, adderall, ritalin, and prozac taken when not actually depressed (Cocaine is a amphetamine, but I tested it along with these others, it doesn’t make you feel that uplifted). Using these in the past, I see how these make you feel very uplifted, like "I’m super smart,’ garbage like that, and everyone wants to be classified as “smart” in todays world. So what happens when the “crash” comes and the feeling of the world weighing on your shoulder happens?? The feeling of manipulation happens, because just the feel of feeling “almighty then burnt out in life” is like money/greed/root of all evil. Once its gone, you want more and more, until the point that you want even more of it to the point of manipulation. Like The Devil and Jesus. Why did Jesus feel so bad about himself, that he wanted to feel almighty physically (He was already labeled God’s kid)?? Additives that make you crash emotionally, to the point you’ll do anything to satisfy yourself, sort of like starving your self to impress others then your self. And imagine with these so called great “uppers” built up inside of someone, the effects it has on that particular person, and the effects it has on others. Not pretty for anyone, infact kind of peer pressuring for that persons peers.

Reading that to my self. I believe the Devil is deprived from a emtional state in Jesus’s life, where he crashed emotionally somehow someway, and was willing to throw it all away for the Devil’s greed. The power to manipulate someone other then yourself physically, or emotionally like the Devil trys to do to others.

Sorry I’m just Yellow with many different “Methods of Power” with a formely Corrupted mindstate, just Filling you in with my opinion on Religion.

The fact about the devil tempting Jesus, I think is either pure myth, or just some lie that Jesus told to make himself more noticeable to the public. Here in the 21st Century, it is impossible to tell which, and probably pointless to begin speculating about.

Or just pure metaphor. Look at it this way, Jesus and his teachings. Would you want everyone running around doing whatever they want, just becuase they read the Bible and think its straight up how to go to heaven??

What about them?

I would want everyone doing whatever they wanted as long as it was reasonable in correlation with whatever someone else was doing.

Just what are you getting at? You’re assuming again, and that’s dangerous.

this is gibberish. sorry.

The quote I bolded. You are basically saying, one person could rob you but if you have double jeopardy then in correlation with the law it makes it right. So does it make it morally right, and would you rob someone else of their hard earned money just because someone else did it?? Look at others before you make bland ass decisions.

And you make assumptions I type up random ludicrous statements. So your basically “stereotyping/dangerous” against me for expressing “free will,” when this is why I choose to live in America. Isn’t free will the reason the first Americans came here?? cough you stereotype against me for making statements in my beliefs, when most safe thinkers would most likely try to prove me wrong by bringing up things they learned.

Same for Future Man. This is my belief, and your belief is “this is gibberish.” Meanwhile you say your opinion on my honest opinion, which is stereotyping against one others ideas and views on religion, when you make no evidence to bring me to halt. It is my thread, and if you don’t like it, at least bring another professionalized persons proof that what I say is so called by you “gibberish.”

Do you question Priests at Mass for the stuff they decide to talk about?? How do you know their opinion doesn’t effect what they preach, and we rely on them for reconciliation which is a random person like me. And reading my stuff, obviously you recieved reconciliation at least once.

You 2 obviously hate other peoples ideas, whose ideas don’t fit your mold of sane. Thats dangerous to be around, thinking your better then someone. Matter of Fact, thats not philosophical.

no i mean that i think i can tell that english isnt your first language and this stuff your writing is impossible to understand. and even then, i dont even see what you are concluding. i dont seew hich sentence is the conclusion. its completely incoherent and you write a lot of this stuff. maybe its just me.

you seem to be saying that the story of the devil tempting jesus in the bible is like jesus coming down from the coke of being the son of god? what kind of “discussion” are you expecting to see here?

You read my stuff, and your responses are that of a scared person. Why do call yourself a Legend on Philosophy. When you just bash others with no real evidence. Like how respected dead philosophers did. Not just using their own big headed thinking to try to prove anothers wrong.

When you read my stuff, put one and two together.

cough amphetamine abuser cough (Sorry, but you seem offended, when theres many different opinions on here)

And I have never seen you make your own thread expressing new ideas on pre-existing stuff, like all Philosophers try to do. Instead you just bash others for doing so. (Trying to peer pressure with smart-ass answers to others who have a stronger persona/more logical opinions on stuff to get me to change my ideas on stuff to be like you now?? Sure seems like it to me.)

Sagesound, this is the ideal the Bible speaks of. :sunglasses:

what does that mean.

hmm something tells me your very new. nobody posts orginal threads like me between now and october 2004. and when you post 1000 times, it changes your title automatically.

i knew i would turn into Imp! damn!

alright, im not trying to shoot down your opinion and make you fall in line with mine, im trying to tell you that this is literally gibberish. i cant figure out what you are saying. i sit at my workless job all day and read this stuff and you fall into the iloveu, YOGHI, and Me category of impossible to read.

you dont speak english enough, youre saying something ive never heard before and i dont come close to getting it. i just want you to write better. if i wanted to convince you of something, id write a lot more than “this is gibberish”

Hey FM, the little church mouse appears to have grown into a sewer rat.

Oh but you do, in fact as FM already stated with a simple gesture of regarding your writings as ‘gibberish,’ you’re already making it worse for yourself by letting your arrogance get the best of you. Not to mention you write in a manner that is grammatically different than the popular norm. If you made more sense, I might feel you could propose a valid argument.

Ooohh, now you’re stepping into a dangerous area. See, if you really looked at this forum before joining, you would find that alot of people on this site already have opposing ideas to your own, such as free will, which in the minds of many here, does not exist. Not to mention that your beliefs are not yours, they are someone elses which has captured you years back and now holds you imprisoned in its structure. Which reminds me, the first Americans were Native Indians, and they were ruined by the European white man who came to this land to escape religious persecution from Catholicism, not their “free will.”

The sad thing is that you don’t realize is, you’re making stereotypes against yourself based on the things you’ve said, are saying, and will say.

Actually, that is not FM’s belief, it is his opinion on your opinions.

This question leads me to conclude that not only are you a Catholic, but a narrow-minded one at that.

What makes you think their preaching doesn’t effect their opinion? They wouldn’t be priests unless their opinions were shaped by biblical lore.

We do? That’s interesting, I didn’t know that in your opinion, once you came to this site, all other people who post here are automatically Catholic. Did anyone else know about this?

Recieved? Obviously you are mistaken sir. Do you even know what the word reconciliation means? Again your word choices are confusing your point, whatever it is.

I wouldn’t be the man I am today had I not explored other people’s ideas. They helped me tone and define my own ideas, and I have never known Future Man to hate ideas, only golden chalices.

There you go, assuming again.

:laughing: You have a lot to learn about the real world.

Ironic, no? And yet, this ideal really doesn’t seem too prevelant in the world today.

I wonder why?

Ironic? Not necessarily.

The ideal is unattainable if there is but one fly in the ointment.

1st off, at least your eyes are opening to my ideas, which most wannabe philosophers like myself are trying to do. I put this stuff about how these amphetamines make you feel like you want to manipulate. Because I tryed crystal meth just once. And I felt like conquering a very hott girl I used to go to school with, by basically bullshitting her. With peer pressure, but only thought it. And on this “upper” I only felt like thinking it, not even close to even physically acting it. And how I heard myself think so clearly. It was like others could hear what I was thinking, the way they were looking at me. Like is he trying to brainwash me, by doing all these amphetamines/uppers?? Using these drugs, it makes you think you could mainpulate people with no physical sense we have (Hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight) were out the window. Like I was all powerful during the high. And the way the Bible describes the Devil, is like Jesus was on very high levels of this potent aura feeling. Just a theory that made sense to me, seeing how drugs always existed, and the potency hundreds of years ago were most likely alot more potent then uncut drugs today, and the feeling todays uncut give you, is how I came up with this conclusion to myself.

Just letting others see my opinion on this religious character the Devil. Since no ones smart enough to come up with this stuff by themselves, and actually take the time to think trying to be non-bias towards others beliefs. For example look at Plato, he had no one or no thing peer pressuring him to be bias, like religions, or maybe even anything to stereotype on one thing that might make it seem bias to other people all around him (They couldn’t travel very far, how they thought near Greece was the entire earth).

And Sagesound, personally to me, you sound like your Future Mans suck up. You sound exactly like Dust Of The Earth too, except less assholic.

I don’t mean just your friends ideas and opinions, when it comes to stuff like “I wonder if my ideas in life are actually accepted by a black/white.” Get the point. Listen to others ideas whose aren’t like yours or your friends and family. Even if its just someone at school, job, ect. whose just talking. Even if you don’t talk to that person about it. Actually try to take it in, but obviously not stuff like “Whats your favorite beer,” like how me (who’s mostly black part Indonesian, or vice versa, either way I’m just the 2, and do it to sound stupid in front of people who stereotype first against me).

gold, nobody is messing with you because we hate new ideas. maybe dust, but me and sage have no dependency on box thinking. if you like thinking about cool new ideas that at least seem completely new, read every thread i ever started, seriously.

as for your assertion that the high level of confidence you had while on meth is like the devils high level of confidence has little do to with jesus on drugs actually being the devil (or the part of the devil in that story), at least as far as the evidence you have presented. and i dont think that drugs were more powerful back then. in fact i doubt there was any kind of uppers at all besides chewing coca leaves and probably others, which would be like a good cup of coffee i guess.

besides, a lot of things in the bible seem like they symbolize a lot of things, thats probably why anybody still reads it.

also, your not asking a question. there is no discussion to be had about this topic except for what i just wrote. thats why its ‘gibberish’, not because im stereotyping against your apparently persecuted indonegro heritage.

I just hate it, when people like Sagesound quotes you, then bashes you for everything idea you come up with. Notice how none of his ideas are original?? I just base mine off of real life (mine) experiences on emotional levels, like greed is. Basic, but still logical. I know few people make racist stereotypes for race. Just stereotypes against races for new ideas, like “How to act in even your own home,” some teachers try to tell you.

Multiple layers of assumption based ignorance.

Quite degenerative.

The dialectic is a wonderful tool for philosophy.

If you only received replies agreeing with you, you’d never learn the extent of your own ignorance.

I have many ideas circulating through my head; theories, imaginative possibilities, prejudices, etc… I’ve found that I may learn more through silence at this site. Taking a break from posting for awhile. Perhaps you would benefit from extending your study. The moderated forum is a great resource, but don’t base your research from this site exclusively because there seems to be a lot of hogwash floating around.

When you’re telling others to appreciate your ideas because they’re different, you must consider that dissecting others ideas/opinions based on individual reason is just based on another one of your proposed different ideas.

Good luck with your examination of life. If you persevere in your quest for knowledge, you should be able to come back to past posts and realize where you went wrong. If you end up agreeing with all your posts and remain steadfast in this belief, you’ve probably stopped examining.

P.S. Anger is tell-tale of insecurity.

What ideas would those be?

That’s one hell of a claim. Of course you have proof of this, yes?

:laughing: Stop, you’re making me laugh now… especially with that word of yours, “assholic.” LOL!
Funny, I never really thought of DotE as an asshole to begin with. :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: I resemble that statement!

At least you admit from the posts I read of you sometimes.

But see how Sagesound trys to act like he doesn’t know how mocking he is??

I can see how my grammer structure is off now.