"The" Earth, and "The Moon"

Why is it proper to say “The Earth”? Like “Trees grow all over the Earth”.

If you were on Mars you wouldn’t say “There is red clay all over the Mars”, you’d just say “all over Mars”.

The satellite orbits around “the Earth”? How about the satellite orbits around Earth?

Also why do we call it “the moon” when all the other planets have cool names for their moons. Like Titan, Europa, Callisto, Oberon, and Triton to name a few. I wish our moon was referred to as “Luna”. I also wish our closest star was referred to as “Solaris” or “Sol” also.

…to differentiate them from actual earth (as in soil/dirt/dust) and any other moon: hence ‘the’ earth and ‘the’ moon, but I agree that they lack cool names.

Earth = “Terra”
Moon = “Luna”
Sun = “Sol”

Let’s put these words into practice folks! :sunglasses:

Same reason we call this system the Internet.

The moon definitely needs a great name. Luna is excellent. :smiley: