The easy way and the hard way

I’m toying with the idea of thinking in terms of “either/or” (with all the attendant problems of two valued orientations, false dichotomies, etc.).

But I’m tired of all the good/bad, idealism/realism, us/them, bull shit.

I’m inclined to think life is a conflict between” the easy way” and “the hard way.”

I’m beginning to think I should start asking myself “which is which,” before decision time.

I think I should give “the hard way” a fairer hearing.

I’m sure “the hard way“ may not always be a “good,” “idealistic,” “us” choice, but when I look around at other people, “the hard way” looks more and more appealing every day.

If trees could have standing, then why not “events”? Why not “ways”?

[b]To me
easy-way = harmonious, efficient way.
hard-way = way of friction, difficulty, disharmony, waste, failure, etc.

Once reduced to a matter of energy-efficiency and energy-quality,
It becomes the morality of power.

Because power/energy is the fundamental nature of the universe,
The morality of power is the most natural and correct moral.[/b] :sunglasses:

I guess for me, I was thinking of two different things when writing that:

  1. The easy way is sloth (i.e. eating domesticated food); the hard way is effort (i.e. just as the leg of the deer is chisled by the tooth of the wolf, so too is the tooth of the wolf chisled by the leg of the deer);


  1. It would be the hard way for me to avoid expressing my opinion on the internet when I read something I disagree with. But, since my brain, and that of my opponents, rarely seem to get chisled in such engagements, maybe I should engage elsewhere, in non-cyber life, for example.

Edited to add: I see the importance of understanding terms, because I always viewed the easy way and the hard way exactly the opposite of you. For instance, some people seem to think diplomacy is harder than picking a fight.

There are two ways to do things: With, or without pain. Your choice.

Hmmmm. So now I’m down to deciding when pain is good and when it is bad, which gets me back to the old “good/bad” thing that I was trying to get away from in the first place. :astonished: :confused:

That means I would have to think! I was trying to avoid thinking because it’s painful. I thought if I just did everything the hard way, it would be less painful. I’d read somewhere that often the right thing to do is never easy and . . . Oh, never mind.

That’s the problem with sentience. You’re on the hook and there is no way to get off. :unamused:

Someone mentioned that in another forum a while ago. I thought it was a bit of a gem, so I saved it (I believe the poster’s handle was JWL, just to make everything on the level). Now, I don’t entirely agree with it, but I figured I’d share it.

The easy way is conformity and complacency.

The hard way is striving by your own inclinations in the world with so many abstractions built by other men outside of yourself.

^^^^ =D>