The Economic Wreckovery

[Eye Witness Accounts And Testimonials On The United States Economic Recovery]

“I am a firm believer of the United States economic recovery with my reduced pension and monthly retirement income. Within the last year with all the money I’ve been saving on lower gasoline prices I’ve went from looking for food out of trash bins to being able to afford luxuries as cheap affordable canned cat food at the local Dollar Store.”

[Eye Witness Accounts And Testimonials On The United States Economic Recovery]

“With my reduced pension or retirement income I’ve got a part time job working at the local McDonalds so that I can subsidize my monthly income and afford my medications. With any luck reentering the workforce at such an old age I’ll either retire at the ripe age of ninety five or die at my work post. I promise to be a productive hard working member of my local community until the day I die where I apologize in advance if I should die at my post in front of customers. If kids should find my bloody pacemaker in their Happy Meal ordered out to go that would be most unfortunate yet also to be expected with a much older workforce.”

[Eye Witness Accounts And Testimonials On The United States Economic Recovery]

“You know this economic recovery isn’t just hurting mainstream America as it hurting Wallstreet business tycoons like myself also. This year I can’t afford a Lamborghini where instead I’ve been forced to purchase the 2016 BMW i8. I can no longer afford a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru that is worth $13,021.00 where instead I’ve had to settle for more cheaper wines like Egon Muller-Scharzhof Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese that is worth $8,982.00 a bottle. Normally I buy Gurkha Black Dragon cigars worth $1,150.00 a box. Now I’m forced to buy Cohiba Behike cigars worth $470.00 a box. It’s been hard on us all equally where it’s really tough out there. I’m feeling the pain in my wallet too.”

Looks like that bitch should have thought about her financial future.

K: I am in basically the same situation as that “bitch”. I am working until I die.
but why? after 40 years of working, yep been working for 40 years, I have enough
saved up to buy the hamburger and fries, I am trying to save up for the drink now.
But why? Because one accident, one medical event, one job loss and you lose
everything. I had surgery, actually multiple surgeries and the cost exceeded
360,000 dollars. My share (and I had insurance) was over 36,00 bucks. I didn’t work
for 2 years and when someone finally gave me a job, it was for crappy minimum wage
for a few years. I am still building my way back but I won’t ever catch up. I am 57 and
I expect to be working until I am 70 and most likely later then that. Not because I want to,
because I have no choice. My social security amount if it is even there won’t be enough
to cover much of anything and as I said, future was torched by my medical expenses
and I am not alone. That “bitch” is not alone in our current America. Before you stand
up and proclaim how dumb people are, you should perhaps think a minute.


2op You think america is bad, our new budget plan takes from the disabled and gives to the rich, pays the rich more in dividends and takes some more of them out of the highest tax bracket. When I was a young punk I thought all this bs, homelessness etc, would be gone by the time I got to my age, but its just got worse ~ silly me.

Isn’t it interesting how the more things change the more they remain the same or turn out much more worse?

Where’s all the progressives or utopians revolting? Oh, that’s right, they’re busy doing other things…

Damn right, its all bullshit, not so much the utopians but the system, it keeps using things that at first seam right, then you realise it is vacuous lies, and instead they are whitewashing the populous. Those progressives have had their words turned to politics, and obliterated. Each night on the news we get the righteous agendas ~ even from the conservatives, but its all a lie as is evidenced by what the reality is. Its sickening, where I live is one of the most expensive bits of land in the world [oxfordshire], there is so much wealth it stinks, and yet still homeless people, low wages to serve the rich for the unfortunate working classes, and its getting worse!

Thus enters human apathy and amoralism.

Peter, ignore the medical bill and it falls off your credit in 5 years. If they sue, they can get a judgement and it can last 7 or maybe 10, and can be renewed after that. Worst case, you put your shit in your wife’s name to avoid a lien. Boom. Would have been better not to pay it.

Joker…the i8? I dunno man. I like the X6 M.

You know what is really bad, is guys like Kropotkin who were anarchists fighting the system in their youth, like Joker currently is, never paying taxes and fucking everyone over, but the second they start hurting, it’s “wahhhhh wahhhh, socialism, I need socialism”. … ps/senior- … i-get-paid

Now quit bitching Kropotkin. Had you paid into social security back in your anarchist days, you could of retired and gone to Hawaii or or as a Ex-Patriate in The Marshall Islands and slept on a beach. I hear some build really awesome shacks in the Marshall Islands. You know damn well where I’m going when I’m old.

And your so becoming a socialist like Kropotkin, day by day Joker. You really should just give in and admit it. Its silly to deny it now.

I’ve said that before. These guys, from a personality and experience standpoint might be entirely different people, but social/political philosophy wise, there are stronger resemblances than differences. It shocks me that they’re not friends.

On another note, I’m glad you said that about the Marshall islands and what you’re going to do when you get old. I haven’t really thought about that. I mean, I think about it from the standpoint of knowing that I want to make sure I’m not broke or hungry or susceptible to some catastrophic thing that could be avoided, but not so much when it comes to where I’ll be sitting and what might be in front of me. I love islands. They do have the best beaches and the mood is always a bit more relaxed than it is in other places. I must have been to half the ones in the Caribbean, and out to Bermuda, and of all the places I’ve been, a handful of those occupy most of the space in the top 5 places I’d like to be right now.

I mean what do you think it would take to move to Curacao or Aruba? I don’t want to live on a tourist beach, but I wouldn’t mind being close to one. I guess I could look at condos in random places but it can’t be as easy as just flying down there, picking up some keys and getting new furniture. Man I gotta think about this stuff.

I am neither a socialist or a capitalist. I am not a Marxist or communist either.

I’m an individual nihilistic anarchist where individualism for me is what’s paramount to daily existence.

This thread more than anything is satire meant to convey the kind of disgusting world we really live in.

Then you really don’t know me that well at all I would say.

Amorphos, you were a punk? :laughing:

When did you start to be a punk?

When did you finish to be a punk?

[tab]No future:


I know that you cling to labels, and that you live in a state of need.

Labels are necessary for communication and to convey ideas. State of need? Wtf? :laughing:

Don’t you always go on about how you gotta make money and the government and wall street are holding you down? Homelessness and despair and all that?

And I don’t mean labels like in the sense that we label every object with a corresponding word. I mean in the sense that you’re always choosing some “ist” or “ism” that you feel it’s important to be identified with.