The Economic Wreckovery

I’ve said that before. These guys, from a personality and experience standpoint might be entirely different people, but social/political philosophy wise, there are stronger resemblances than differences. It shocks me that they’re not friends.

On another note, I’m glad you said that about the Marshall islands and what you’re going to do when you get old. I haven’t really thought about that. I mean, I think about it from the standpoint of knowing that I want to make sure I’m not broke or hungry or susceptible to some catastrophic thing that could be avoided, but not so much when it comes to where I’ll be sitting and what might be in front of me. I love islands. They do have the best beaches and the mood is always a bit more relaxed than it is in other places. I must have been to half the ones in the Caribbean, and out to Bermuda, and of all the places I’ve been, a handful of those occupy most of the space in the top 5 places I’d like to be right now.

I mean what do you think it would take to move to Curacao or Aruba? I don’t want to live on a tourist beach, but I wouldn’t mind being close to one. I guess I could look at condos in random places but it can’t be as easy as just flying down there, picking up some keys and getting new furniture. Man I gotta think about this stuff.

I am neither a socialist or a capitalist. I am not a Marxist or communist either.

I’m an individual nihilistic anarchist where individualism for me is what’s paramount to daily existence.

This thread more than anything is satire meant to convey the kind of disgusting world we really live in.

Then you really don’t know me that well at all I would say.

Amorphos, you were a punk? :laughing:

When did you start to be a punk?

When did you finish to be a punk?

[tab]No future:


I know that you cling to labels, and that you live in a state of need.

Labels are necessary for communication and to convey ideas. State of need? Wtf? :laughing:

Don’t you always go on about how you gotta make money and the government and wall street are holding you down? Homelessness and despair and all that?

And I don’t mean labels like in the sense that we label every object with a corresponding word. I mean in the sense that you’re always choosing some “ist” or “ism” that you feel it’s important to be identified with.

Yes, “ists” or “isms” are important in terms of identification and relation.

Yes, the government and centralized power structure is holding me down although I am making strides nonetheless to elevate myself. One could argue concerning the experiences of my entire life as to the very reasons why I hate government and indeed all authority.

Sure, if you’re trying aid others in identifying the weaknesses in your worldview by shining a spotlight on them at every turn. Man half those names you make up don’t mean a thing to anyone outside the world of people who get a kick out of philosophical jargon and angsty kids. Anarchist? But going to school? Not burning shit down? Come on man.

Govt and centralized power structure hold down dumb people, women, maybe racial minorities, trannies, etc…are you voluntarily grouping yourself with these types? Is this the type that you want to be grouped with? Man the govt isn’t holding down anyone…they’re just holding the top spots for themselves. That doesn’t mean they make people poor or cause people to suffer. The extent to which your personal choices can impact the outcomes you find in various ways can never be understated.

Are you really a dude who believes that you’re being held down by the powers that be, and that you have no freedom of the will?

You’re speaking from a perception of privilege, it’s not like I would expect you to understand anything especially my daily life experiences.

But man I did not grow up privileged, and I don’t think I’m privileged now. And I completely understand. Give me a little credit here.

I like having my beliefs challenged, criticized, and debated, it’s the only way I learn by strengthening my own positions.

I’m an adaptable anarchist where survival is very much a focal point in my life as anybody else.

The burning shit down will come later. Patience is everything especially concerning workable plans and vendettas.

You’re privileged now and that tends to alter people’s perceptions quite a bit, no?

Aren’t you the money man investor now taking all those exotic vacations?

If you only knew the types of daily struggles and existential insecurities I have to contend with just to basically survive you might better understand me as a person but I do not expect a person like you to know anything about that.

Your beliefs? You mean your actual beliefs that decide your actions? Or some position that you read about someplace that you want to hold in a debate?

Oh come on Mr. Reasonable, this is all rather basic.

We all have our own beliefs and perceptions that shape our actions, thoughts, or behaviors.

So then we should be able to infer from one’s behavior some things about their beliefs?

I don’t see why not.