The effects of transcendence

This is the place to discuss the effects of transcendence, or whatever other label you wish to attach to any state of heightened awareness. Some may see this as a spiritual experience, a shedding of ego, a stilling of mind, and any or all the other metaphorical explanations of “transcending” mundane reality. So share your experiences and perhaps after a few dozen pages, we’ll sort of get an idea of the benefits and/or pitfalls of this experience. The idea is to share the RESULTS of transcendence, not whether or what it might be…

This assumes that somebody has transcended and that he/she has correctly identified the experience and is able to talk about it using words.

Good add-on to the other thread tentative.


If one knows some path to a state of mind outside of conflict, one has less reason to be afraid of conflict. If one has less fear of conflict, one can engage in conflict in a more relaxed manner, maybe with a sense of humor, and perhaps the conflict is eased.

It’s quite possible that you may never have the experience, in which case you have no experience to address. Transcendence is an ambiguous label, and I’m not interested in limiting the discussion to has-hasn’t, or identification of such. No one can share the experience directly but through metaphor. The question here is: What was it like? What did you see/learn/feel?

So are you saying that whoever claims to have had a transcendence experience, actually had one? It’s totally self defined? I think that it’s possible for your mind to be screwing with your mind … to think something is being experienced which is completely fabricated by the thinker. That would be an exploration of fiction rather than an exploration of reality.
How do you know what is happening if it is only happening in your mind?

I don’t think he really has to defend this here, or? Can’t this be a kind of phenomenology of what people consider their experiences of transcendence, and we bracket of the conclusion that it ‘really’ was transcendence? Do you think it should be in another forum or something?

IOW it seems like a fair discussion topic to me.

In the other thread I enjoyed your challenging question because the concept was at issue there and it seemed to fit with the discussion broader content. But here it seems like blocking a valid discussion, one aimed at people who consider some of their experience to fit the category.

His reply to my question was : ‘See new thread…’
So I brought it over here.

If this is a thread about people having some experience and they think it qualifies as transcendence and they want to post it … well okay. Discuss away.

Oops on my part. Odd, I don’t see it fitting with the OPs goals.

Just to be on topic myself:
[size=150]Sports have given me experiences that I suppose fit in this category. Where I simply feel the motions and changes in motions of the people I have on my team. I had one friend who I practiced with a lot. Once we were in a very dangerous, nonsport situation. I simply felt like we knew what the other was going to do, even though we’d never been in a similar situation. Once we made eye contact, but the rest of the time nothing remotely like communication. I felt like I had two bodies, sort of, like we shared a single present, I suppose like being conscious of what both your left and right hands are doing.[/size]


One has to make the assumption that we are capable of grasping reality and proceeding from there. If we’re all dreaming butterflies, then the assumption still stands. Again, if you have never had such an experience, then you haven’t. If you want to question whether we’re sane, then there must be a place for that discussion, but in this thread, we’ll assume sanity and simply share anecdotal words as far as they take us.

Strange that you would call that sanity. Non-transcendence would seem to be closer to the definition of sanity. You are talking about going beyond some reality.

He or she said ‘assume sanity’, which is different from asserting that the people in question are not delusional in their interpretation of that particular experience. We are going to assume it for the purposes of the thread. Really, sanity is the wrong term. People are sane or not, not experiences, and to be considered insane you have to have more than anomalous experiences or interpretations of those experiences. You have to have real problems with day to day life. You can claim to experience the presence of Jesus, see ghosts, pretty much anything, but if you have decent hygiene and a job and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, you just ain’t insane.

Look, I’m trying to be patient with this, but if you want to say that reality is all ilusion and/or delusion then just say that and get it over with. I’m not interested in some semantical back and forth. What is transcendence is the shedding of pervasive insanity. In the world of all our pre-conceived notions, the emotional skewing of what we see, the irrational acting out based on phantoms of assertive “knowing”, therein lies insanity. Transcendence isn’t going beyond reality, it is muting the noise of the mundane and gaining an appreciation of reality as directly as is possible. There is no magic, no metaphysical ‘plane of existence’, and in the end, nothing that profound. Becoming the watcher is really quite simple when you let it happen. But this thread is about what people found as a result of the experience - even if it is all illusion or delusion.



I never said that. I questioned how anyone could tell a transcendent experience apart from a hallucination.

Here you are being honest. You can’t tell the difference between reality and illusion and you don’t care.


Tentative, perhaps the problem is that all this transcendence stuff sounds quite esoteric and obscure to many, so they question if it’s really reality based etc. You’re doing a good job trying to keep it simple, but even the word “transcendence” may be excessively fancy.


How about

experiences where one seems to be experiencing and or experiencing as more than usual, often accompanied by feelings and nuances also not usually experienced.

This leaves it open, much as felix has tried to.

I’ll add another experience.

[size=150]Meditating and feeling myself as surrounding the body and perhaps ‘Moreno’ rather than in the body. I felt more like a field - or region of sensitivity that started in a circumferance well outside my body. Things that were ‘not me’ were inside this field.[/size]

I will from now on highlight experiences to differentiate them from anything not really a response to the OP.

I did the same in my previous post with ‘an experience.’

Still at my advanced age and suffering from major depression I get sometimes feelings of oneness with all that is, that I have a place in this universe. Whether this is true or false, whether the feeling is owed to simple chemistry does not matter. When at peace with myself, I feel at peace with the world. In that state I can forgive and forget. Without this sometimes experience I would be a basket case, blaming everyone but myself for my suffering. Within this experience my id, ego and superego are in tune to one thing–well-being. “Purity of heart is to will one thing.”–Kierkegaard.
Although these moments are rare, they are, for me regenerative. They spawn creativity and a humility that is not at the expense of my natural worth as a being among beings. This feeling of belonging is, for me, what keeps me alive.

During really bad and impossible times, to find somekind, anykind, of relief, and to get away, I’ve found renewal and invigoration by driving in the night about a mile away, to a cemetery in the middle of the woods.

There I lay on my hood, looking up thru the opening in the canopy of trees made by the cemetery, into a sky full of stars. It’s beautiful and wondrous. I sink into a meditation like state, where I have the sensation of becoming one with it all. I sense the movement of the stars as they drift west.

I’ll enjoy this state for an hour, hr and half, or so, or until startled out of this trance by the sound of coyotes circling in the woods.

I come away from this time in the cemetery renewed, and invigorated, with fresh ideas on how to solve the complex problems that’s driving me crazy.

Now that’s some mofo transcendence …

In keeping with my current minimalist theme I’ll cite a minimalist experience touching transcendence: playing music which puts me in touch with a transcendent value–beauty.

For me, what is called transcendence is really just sensitized awareness of everything going on about me without attempting to direct or channel what my senses are registering. There is no “here I am meditating”, there is no I-Me, there just is… Often, what comes of this seeming randomness is a different perspective, different insights, different ways of ‘seeing’. I have never felt that it was anything ‘beyond’ even though I have no adequate language for the experience. Rather, than beyond, perhaps the understanding is ‘behind’. Whatever one would call it, it isn’t more intricate definitions, but deeper understanding, seeing beauty and ugliness as a complementary pair… At the end of such meditation I feel as if I’ve shucked off old clothes and found new ones better suited to just being instead of the usual being as…