The effects of transcendence

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Me, too! I’m a poor musician sometimes feeling the wealth of appreciation. Music is not only a universal language; but also it is a direct route to feelings–a much more direct route than words can be.

The relationship of our endeavors to transcendent values seem to be analogous to an asymptote. We may continually approach the value with our efforts, but we never achieve it perfectly or exhaust its power to evoke, inspire, or lure us. Such values are a continual sources of creative power.

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Probably my favorite Van Morrison song.

When I see a suffering animal or human and empathize and act on the empathy, I am experiencing “transcendence” from my ordinary survivalist mentality.

I’d like to think of empathy as just as immanent and innate as the survivalist mentality.

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“Let your soul and spirit fly … into the mystic.”