The emportance and secret of evil in the universe:

If the realization and understanding of evil are called “useless”, then justice will be impossible!

Within nature – there are the two main forces:
Love and evil.

Evil is killing, for example, this is what all humans say is wrong. They do not want “murder”. They do not kill their own species much, but do not feel bad about killing other animals that feel THE EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT MURDER.

The only way to stop or control love is with evil.

The only way to control a population is to kill it – if it does not stop “making love”, etc.

“Evil” is the painful and strict establishment of order – order and control set on a higher priority then love.

ying yang? A bunt observation skill from buddhists.

black and white equal out to be gray.
Yet blue and yellow make green

No,… black and white is for people who need contrast
blue and green is for people that understand cause and effect.

Over-contrasting the world is, in my opinion, not only unneccesery, but really harmfull to social cooperation. (That is, ‘living togeather’.)

Of course turning the world in to a black-an’-white photography makes it easy to understand it. Think this through an example:

  • A bunch of soldiers are on the battlefield , and they need to find the best cover to survive. If they’d look the entire scene turned into a black and white photography, they could easily see where there is the best shades and shadows (the blackest parts) to hide. But at the same time, they’d loose sight of colours. This could end up as a soldier with a green uniform, hiding against a brown wall; quite easy to spot. The purpose has failed. *

In the metaphoric sence, when refering to world-views and perspective in life, we’d also loose the ‘colours’. In this case the colours would be the diversity of things in the world.

Even when cames to consepts of good and evil, we loose a lot in black and white -perspective. Human is the factor that defines what is good and what’s bad. Or, if believed that it’s some other source, for example God, we still wouldn’t benefit from simplefying the views. It would only lead us to unneccesary tragedies and we’d end up making life harder than it already is.

Simplefying is a paradox: When everything is devided to only two categories, it’s impossible to define all actual deeds and empiric experiences to either of them. Thusly, reaching simplisity leads to even more complicated system.

Hopefully this made as much sence as I meant.