The end of overt conflict

Long ago races were apart, cities had their own gods, and enemies were on the outside.

Today, overt conflict has ended. You don’t have to worry about a whole country attacking you.

Today, war is covert. Abuse and manipulation comes from a covert source. Wars were about public conflict, not hidden conflict.

This is, in my mind, the definite situation of modern times. Maybe others also see it.

Dan~ may I direct your attention to the middle east, gangs, thieves, killers of everyday variety, abusive relationships, abused kids. And small countries at war that don’t rate the evening news.
Point : the violence has not stopped, the wars are overt, there might not ever be another WW, but, the world is still overtly in battles.

In canada at least, we don’t fear any other country to invade or attack. The problem is corruption. What I meant by overt is when the war is public. Corruption is different because it is a part of the nation screwing itself over.

Overt conflict has not ended simply because the Nuclear peace has negated the ability for the major nations to make conventional war (for now) theirs still plenty of nations (smaller nations) that fight in the manner that has alwasy been.

Cover actions of course are not knew either, just in a more interconnected world with nuclear weaoponry this is the main tool used, no honor just secrecy.

I worry a little bit about North Korea attacking us. Not often, but occasionally - in passing.

Dan~ Canada is inoffensive and mostly frozen land. Hon
, you all really are not a prime target. The main reason to invade you would be to target my offensive country. I don’t mean this as egotistical. You all have some prime unpopulated areas that a massive army could hide in until D-day. Don’t think countries are not thinking about it.