The Euro

The Euro is now in place in several european countries, and britain isn’t part of it…my question to you people is what do you think we should do? Join or not Join? and what is the reasoning behind your view?

I think we should join. Not at the moment - because our exchange rate is clearly too high. But in the long run, we’ll be losing out if we don’t join. It’s a shame to lose the pound and everything, and it’s scary to not be in control of our own economy, but it’s got to be done, or we’re going to lose comparative advantage in everything and noone’s going to like us really. And noone likes a friendless UK.

Yeah I think you should totally join.

While I think it is inevitable, someday distant or near (I have no intention of perverting it’s natural occurance) that the world will be unified under one government, I really don’t think it is inevitable forms of monetary transactions will. If anything, our current monetary system around the world is based on national banks and financial institutes borrowing and trading currencies… If everyone had 1 currency, we would have to trade bank assets. Any future global economy will have to maintain at lease the illusion of plurality, we do it now from without… beyond out borders. The future will require we figure out segregations within. That’s our banking networks. They will implode with improbably frequency whenever it comes time to adjust imbalances in floating currencies to more natural and healthy levels. The current trader and banker obsession for safe havens are a symptom of that. If you desire absolute protection, everyone will be looking for it, and that’s where the bubble will occurc full of false assets.

If your bank has been sitting on unused currency since WW2, it is effectively useless. That labor long ago dissipated, 95% of it’s byproduct decayed or recycled. Nobody is tracking it anymore save in a abstract, statistical sense. If we insist it is real, and this bank plays with it over the decades as if it is real, something else, not even proportional to the source, has to go boom. Why? Everyone chases that easy dream that lazy money represents. Trying to explain to everyone it still exists in new products, in their mortgages, in their sandwiches, isn’t very convincing. It ain’t in my alphabet soup.

Currency is like the blood of a state.
A state is like an organism.
Its values, those encoded in its laws and customs and tastes and inclinations are its heart.

So Europe tried to become one organism by syncing its blood types. But the organism faltered, and got really sick when it started pumping its blood through a whole slew of Slavic states with very different values.

The values at the heart activate the money that flows and feeds like blood. Europes heart is… what? A tectonic accident?

No, if Union is an aim, we should only have Greek values and we should shift to Drachme. That might actually work.

Values have nothing to do with it, currency was never the blood of a state, trade, both internal and external was. How many organisms do you know of regularly dumping a quarter to 3/4ths of it’s blood on it’s chief competitors?

That’s what a market economy does. Maniorial based Feudalism is a largely hermetically sealed entity, it makes what it needs at any level… what you have is what you have.

I know your a big Vikings fan, you’ll figure this out in the next two seasons of the TV show Vikings when Alfred the Great rises and starts settling or fortifying already existing towns, builds a road network up. These are the essential elements of a future trader economy, the rise of the Burgs. In that system, the was a balance between local economies based in burbs, who were allowed to mint coins, and those not. It set a monetary standard backed by the king, that currency would be worth X amount per year stamped, due to the metallic composition. Nobody else was allowed to do this. Those coins flowed everywhere, including overseas. Merchants, including Jews, started showing up… likely some if your ancestors, to handle the balance of transactions and loan in wats the local aristocracy little understood, but was as vital the the British state as it was to Rome at it’s height.

Gold and Silver is worthwhile as a universal currency only because it is worthwhile in and of itself (supposedly), a kind of barter. Given gold and silver has real use now in electronics, I would say it has real value outside of merely being ornamental… but gold and silver always came and went outside of a state. Only in a few cultic cases of temples silly amassing the goods to absurd levels like a treasury that never withdrawals can we say it stays, but it becomes immensely useless if it can’t be used. India has one temple that’s been amassing gold for centuries, has absurd wealth, the priests refuse to touch it… the origins of monetary policy began in mesopotamia in just such temples. Why you see in the US some state capitol buildings have gold roofs, hard to steal, but a useful asset for the state to meet down if need be.

This us my state Capitol, I say melt that shit down.

I know your into faux-hinduism, so look at this Hare Krishna Temple in the same state, “The Palace of Gold”

Same ancient descent. Very old origins of outlr monetary policy, much of the world shares in it. Just, all that glitters isn’t gold. The shine might attract the merchants, give locals a morale boost thinking they have something of substance, but if your not producing, it is all fucking for nothing, your a impoverished state, and your people will lie naked, starving around silly statues of glittering gold. You can’t eat gold. It is only worthwhile to those who need it for something else, not as a essential. Someone sitting on a pile of bullion signing how Privi-ledge they are, is a damn silly fool, unless they learn to put it to use. The byproduct of that use will far extend beyond the man and back into society. He may find in time he gets the shortest end of the stick.

You seem to not understand the power in currency exchange.
It is why the Brits didnt adopt the Euro.

We’re no longer in the middle ages my friend. I dont know if youve got the mind for it but you better start studying economy since the first modern stock market. These times capital is all about speculation, prospects. Has been for at least a couple of centuries. Arguably since the times of the Doges in Venice, but when Amsterdam erected its “Beurs”, it was definitive.

Ah look, wiki corroborates.

Why? Ornament is the highest use for gold. It’s what gives gold its greatest value.
Do you know why gold is valued? Because it is a noble metal, it cant be corroded.
This is why it reflects so brilliantly; it doesnt absorb. Same reason it conducts so well.

Dont you know that display of wealth attracts wealth? This is why large banks have giant marble lined lobbies. They could sell the marble, but that would actually cost them future investments.

Brits didn’t adopt the Euro for the same reason the US didn’t rush in and adopt it, or any other experienced currency didn’t jump on board. It is a very stupid thing to do. National stocks are a form of currency.

And if we just need something reflective, we can slap mirrors up there on top of capital buildings. Money doesn’t floe into buildings full of marble anymore, I’ve done a lot if marble countertops and stonework in Hawaii, I know how much that shit it worth, it isn’t worth the cost at all. In the US at least, it is done in government buildings in emulation of the Romans, not for resale value. When our federal buildings close, the slabs remain till demolition. Nobody goes salvaging it, just gets wrecked. Why? Not worth the trouble.

We do have a lot of fools with mansions coated in it, they set their style and worth by international standards for the gaudy rich, I see little point to living in a marble mansion. I’m looking not as a Cynic, but purely in terms of style, outside of a kick ass bathroom, as it is better with the water , I probably just go the route of adobe or wood. I am not impressed with Marble or granite polished then slapped everywhere, was a badass invention when the Romans first experimented with it on large scale civic building projects, not as much impressed with it now.

If you were singlehandedly spending a quadrillion dollars from your private account each year, that would matter.
As it is, it doesn’t.
Gold and marble represent wealth, and as you would know if you had properly studied Darwin (not Darwinism), natural selection is based on display of wealth, excess of energy.

(what to puritanical Christians was “The peacocks “paradox”” is really just obvious to a sexually healthy, in fact to any non-insane person)

“Only excess of strength is proof of strength.” - Ogrimaculus of Thrace.

The death of the euro and American dollar will be epic going into the future.