The evidence of the immortality of the human soul

I invite all interested one in a true philosophy to take a look in the future with me.
It is all about replacing faith with knowledge. To be specific: I would like to present evidence of the immortality of the human soul.
Science, of course, has completely different ideas about this.
But I ask you to form your own judgement. The demonstration of the evidence shall take place in a dialog. I have been able to win Asli, a young female student, for it, who acts out this evidence with me.
The video can be seen at YouTube under the name “immortality of soul”. It is for 14 minutes.
If this evidence is acceptable for you, I would be happy, if you would set in motion a little verbal propaganda for it.
Or if you would answer me in this forum.

Moved to AME. Philosophy is for presenting and discussing theses, not sending people off to watch videos/read books/etc and then come back and report.

Try proving the existence of a human soul before you try to prove its immortality.

Hi volchok,

You should never doubt the resurgence of decadent spiritual ideologies, especially if they are comforting. No?