The False Flag

False Flags have been used throughout history to motivate and manipulate people. It is also known in more abstract form as “scapegoat” and “Devil”.

A false flag is a category of hypnotism (the art of slipping influence under the radar of awareness). It inherently removes free will decision making from the populous being manipulated by it (hence all of the anti-free will promotion lately).

A hypnotized person doesn’t belong to himself. He is “possessed”, to use an older term. He does as directed by the outer influence. Modern media considers it to be their domain and responsibility to hypnotize in accord with the higher UN socialist order, the “politically correct”. Hypnotism, information control, is one of the three seeds of their power.

As long as the populous is being hypnotized through false flag media broadcasts (slyly dictating who to blame and who to credit for all things), the populous can never know whether their governance is good or evil, favoring their lives, or disfavoring. To the hypnotized, no urge to act can be trusted as being genuine, No belief can be accepted as valid. And whether one is hypnotized is itself indeterminate. To the hypnotized, there is a valid excuse for everything, even when there isn’t.

The USA, as a nation, is hypnotized - possessed and controlled by foreign manipulators. USA citizens no longer own their country and actually have nothing to say about what laws are to govern them. They are a crop, short lived vegetative producers of fruit for others. They fight, suffer, and die at the bequest of false flag deceptions and nothing more.

If you are a socialist or communist, you are the property of your state, so what you want and what you do is entirely their responsibility. If you prefer democracy and/or capitalism (actual, not the modern pretense), you must have truth so that your decisions can be sensible. Fraud is an important issue to democracy and enterprise. So in a democratic society, free from elitist ownership, false flags are the Devil (and scripturally as well - “the father of all lies”).

Ewe have nothing to say about what a socialist state does. Thus false flags are used to motivate you in the direction they choose. Deception is required in socialist states. It isn’t an option. Thus socialist states have an “official state secret” category, not acceptable in a democratic or constitutional society.

Socialists use Strawman Capitalism as their false flag scapegoat.

Capitalists aren’t any better and capitalists along with communists have been into each other’s pockets for years in collaberation…

I don’t think that you know what a capitalist is. It isn’t likely that you have ever met a real functioning capitalist. Those controlling world corporations are NOT the capitalists. They are merely part of the hidden control of the socialists, their false flag scapegoat.

Crony capitalism is the inevitable result of pure unregulated capitalism especially when human nature is taken into account.

That is true. And that is what Socialism IS. Corporations (including banks) just happened to be the current financial foundations for the socialists (“Crony Capitalism”). A corporation is a socialist entity (a few dictating to the many), not a capitalist entity (an individual struggling in competition).

The corporations were seeded into the raped USA and had to grow out of the proper capitalist womb of early USA (wherein monopolies were not allowed) to become their full grown socialist tyrannical spirit.

Okay, James, how do you subsume this in RM:AO and the Real God?

That is THE Real God, if you please…

RM:AO suggests rationality and that a different order for society be initiated: SAM Coop.

THE Real God, is the actual truth of the situation and thus suggests that people follow it closely.

Both demand more Honesty/Nobility and disallow False Flags and Devils.

A bit abstract. But I expected that. :wink:

Not any more so than anything else. A false flag is abstract in concept, but it is also a real event that you cannot place your finger on, hold in your hand, smell, or see standing in front of you. The same is true of a SAM Coop. But THE Real Truth of your situation really is right there in front of you and touching you all over … very physical, couldn’t be more concrete. You are just not used to calling it “God”.

… although still irrelevant to this thread.

Also, false flags or conspiracies used by governments as a means to subvert and control human populations is as old as time. Anybody that denies that is a class A fucking moron.

99% of the humans are controlled by 1% of the humans.

Agreed, for the last 2700 years or so.

It wasn’t always like that however in our ancient primordial past…

Agreed. One of the most erroneous concepts I see people espouse is that “conspiracy” = false. To this sort of person the words “conspiracy theory” automatically mean something that isn’t true that only nut cases believe; another example of how people are incapable of even getting definitions correct, never mind thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions about something. Proof of this is when people say “that’s just a conspiracy”, completely misunderstanding the basic definition of the word. They can’t even use the effing word correctly, but act like they are somehow more intelligent than you because they know it’s a “conspiracy”. Baaaaaa, baaaaa.

The powers that be … Who are they? That is the question. If you want to believe that they are socialists, they can make you believe that they are socialists. The problem, therefore, is cutting through this subjective reality and getting to the objective reality.

The power that be are the prevailing oligarchy.

They describe themselves socialist or capitalist upon whatever convenience that suits them.