The ferry

“Is this the Dutton park ferry?” a tall man asks, in rather sombre tones.

“No, this one goes to the city, the Dutton park ferry goes the other way, it’s smaller” I reply helpfully.

The man nodded and turned orthogonally; still far too close for my liking. Does he think that now we have talked he is obligated to stand a little closer, as if moving away would offend our now slightly enhanced knowledge of each other? Actually, come to think of it, I believe the Dutton park ferry has now been cancelled. I look up the river and remember the bridge that now has made the ferry redundant. I wonder if the old captain misses it. I consider informing the tall man, but I have no choice really. I am too uncomfortable of contact; I sense an almost tangible oppression between us. It hangs heavy in the air, like a dirty mist.

The man moves away, checks a board. He doubts me. I wonder if he thinks I have lied to him. I didn’t, in that moment I was accurate and helpful. How transient the truth is. Now I’m helpless, I don’t care enough for him to endure the tinge of embarrassment as I clear up my clumsy confusion. Perhaps he would think otherwise, that I am obliged to tell him seeing as we are now “talking people”. I don’t care. Perhaps he will discover the truth, and one day we’ll meet again. How awkward. Perhaps he’ll have a chance to save my life but won’t, remember my face in a flash of perfect recall. A horrid thought, to think that one’s life could depend so heavily on such a flimsy moment. A near infinite intertwining of probabilities, oscillating around each other, colliding, combining, writhing in a sea of co-incidence. The people begin to disembark. I move forward, so as to have my back to him. An eye to eye contact would be unpleasant. I would smile furtively, embarrassed. Who knows what he’d do, scowl, pretend to be friendly, do nothing. He’s a black box. I don’t need that. I walk down the gang plank and set on board, showing my ticket to the stern looking ticket master. I turn and see the tall man board anyway.

I like this alot.

It’s like the stuff I like or try to write.

I liked it too. It has substance.

I love this, NoelyG.

Well done.

Thanks for your kind comments guys