The final resolution of everything...?

The final resolution of everything

what would that be? Consider that whenever we attempt to understand what reality is, there is a process involving maths and philosophy. Strangely the universe has to do the same thing, reality is in the process of being resolved and universe is a by-product of that. If we take all time, and ask what comes afterwards, or if we generally just keep asking that, reality will have resolved what it is.

Would it do that out of time? So the resolution is conversely arrived at prior to existence?

What would happen next? I mean once the whole thing has been done in whatever manner, so what happens then? How can there be an infinite ‘completeness’ with the incomplete in its belly – so to speak? That sounds to me like it has the same problem as theories of beginnings, ~ having infinite regression prior to them.



Re solve

But what is solve? Solve is looking at something a different way.

3+5 =…What?

The “solution” is 8. Simply looking at 3+5 a different way. Looking at the universe a different way.

You can look down all the rabbit holes. But eventually you will return to look at the universe from a human or beast perspective. Why? Because humans and beast are in closest proximity to feminine angelic beauty and masculine functional beauty.

Resolution - I was visualising as more like the ‘resolution’ of an image on a screen.

I take your point, not about nature, but of endless equations. But doesn’t nature have to know what it is, and to do that involves a resolution of some kind? Something akin to what our minds do, but with the fabric of reality.