The First letter of PoR to St.Détrop

I dedicate this thread to de’trop, in common memory.

To everyone else, please have the decency not write in this thread. To all mods, I would like this thread to be between me and detrop, so please delete all others.

My good comrade, I am really touched. If this be the last thread I’ll ever make, I am glad I made it to you. You are the only person who are intellectually similar to me to be able to understand me and my sufferings. How many are there on ILP and I admit you are the only one who understands me. So in common friendship. Being the most hated and controversial figure on ILP is not an easy when the mob attacks. I remember in Mein Kampf when A.Hitler was attacked for his negative views on Marxism how the workers threatened him with brutal violence and banned him from the building site where he was working as a simple labourer to earn his daily bread. How cruel and injust are the masses.

I do sincerely believe in all I say, for I speak the truth. Philosophy and metaphysics also epistmology attracted me before I found the meaning of life that is to preserve our race.

I like you to de’trop, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so close to anyone as I do now. We are a kindred spirit, you and I. I hope one day we could meet in real life so I can hug you!

For your benefit, and only your benefit, I will restate racialism in its purest form.

The first point I would like to make is that we all have faces. Faces represent our identity. The features of the face contain the racial feature, so what is racial is facial.

We all belong to a race, some say that “genetic variation amongst races is greater than between races” that still goes to prove my point that racial identity as a genetic basis is not about the percentage of genetic similarities but specific genes. That is to say, racial variation has nothing to do with the amount of genetic variation but which genetic variation.

The race is not a cultural phenomenon. as Hitler explain in his first writing on Jews, he said and I quote "A German who is forced to make use of the French language in France, Italian in Italy, Chinese in China does not thereby become a Frenchman, Italian, or Chinaman, nor can we call a Jew who happens to live amongst us and who is therefore forced to use the German language, a German.-A.H

This means an Asian in England does not therefore become an English man. Or that Tab who happens to live in Turkey looking out of place in a so called family photo does not become a Turk. The fact is, what is racial is biological, not cultural.

The race can be seen and I shall not insult your intelligence by listing all the racial features on the face.

So now, we have established that race exist. The next question is whether racial existence is important? Why have I given up on philosophy and epistmology to write some so called nonsense on race? why am I so persistent? and why am I so honest about myself?

The reason is because I see the preservation of the race as the most important goal of life. Our forefathers passed down their race to our fathers who in turn passed down to us. The race is the only part of our identity that can be seen and lives within is us from birth to death, we grow taller, fatter, older, uglier, but we still stay within the exact race. So if there is a soul inside us, then race fits all its criteria, for it is first and foremost, eternal.

To maintain the race is also to maintain our racial connection with our ancestors, we continue our race in memory of them. The race is not about advantages or no advantages, it is about who we are. Even if my race lived at the bottom of society, I would struggle with all my might so as to lift up my race to glory, for when my ancestors have brought shame, I shall redeem it with blood.

To be like Obw is to commit suicide, for his offspring will not resemble him racially. But what is our eternal identity but racial identity. What is the part of us that does not change that stays with us forever and ever but our race? He by mixing with foreigners ultimately brought his own downfall. By cutting off his line an act he designate as not important, he has banished himself once and for all from England. May God have mercy on his soul (which is his race).

Few people have grasped the truth like I have, the few that have, e.g Hitler are now being ridiculed. This is a great perversion of truth. Racialism as I see it is the only path to our existence, I believe I am fighting for the very existence of our race, in turn I am fighting for my own existence as a racially connected being.

We owe our existence to the existence of our race and our nation. Without which there can be no us. So I am really fighting for self-preservation by preserving the community which had given birth to me. I see this as a clear cut issue, and I believe my struggle is the most glorious manifestation for existence of a people, ever! This is probably the last chance we’ll get, and therefore I’ll fight with all the strength I can muster until other wake up and carry on my struggle.

The time is coming when I shall no longer be with you. Let this letter serve as a reminder of me. I don’t give a damn what the losers think of me, but I want you to remember me as the most loyal warrior of our race, and I shall fight to the end.

May God bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Understanding you and agreeing with you are two different things.

Shush, youll get us into trouble.

I, personally, haven’t had any problems with racialism and/or race, and so haven’t suffered in that respect. I do think I understand what you are trying to say but there again I can’t imagine any suffering resulting from an issue with race. Sure, I might say that I dislike the average “black person,” but that is not a racial discrepancy…it is a cultural one. The fact that those people of that culture happen to be a certain color is a pure contingency. Just because there is a majority in the group that I dislike, it is much easier to commit the consensus fallacy and call it a racial predjudice.

So no. I don’t have problems with “races.”

My God I was not aware of that. I apologize for my comrades and promise not to ever let it happen again.

These two statement which you made in bold are the crux of it:

What you are doing, PoR, is using a category or genus in biology and micro biology as a genetic starting point from where to determine your definitions of “genetic variations.” You have simply classified certain gene sets as certain exclusive identity beginnings, when actually an “identity” is a host of other elements not limited to genetic origins.

You might also consider that when comparing genetic features, the differences in the human genome are minor when compared to the similarities, in that a black man is more like a chinese man- more so than- an ape is like a man, for example. Furthermore you should be concerned with brain size and anatomy, if anything, not facial shape and skin color. Those are minor differences that don’t make or break the identity of a human being.

Yeah. So? Our fore-parameciums passed down their sqigglers to our fore-fish-fathers who developed fins and in turn passed them down to us who developed limbs. I hereby declare that I, St. Détrop, will preserve the most important goal of the paramecium- to evolve into whitey, blackey, and the chinaman, where upon the definitions of identity will be set once and for all. From that moment on, whitey, blacky, and the chinaman will rule the universe harmoniously, as the human triad, and evolution will finally stop.

Damn, I might try to market that idea. That wasn’t too bad.

Look, I’m not saying that one should not try to reproduce with their own race, as if anyone was a pure-bred nowadays anyway, because that’s certainly one way to do it. However, I don’t see any real threat to the human species posed by bi-racial reproduction. And neither do I agree that social tensions are real manifestations of racial prejudice. People are learned and conditioned to become racists, through both a lack of scientific knowledge and extensive education. Let’s face it…“racism” is a subject on “talk shows” for Christ’s sake. As a general rule, anything you hear Oprah or Dr. Phil attempt to address and talk about…is trash. People can’t even be decent racists anymore because the old arguments are as lame as the people who claim to be racist.

And another thing you should know by now, PoR, is that I don’t place much stock in a theory of someone who credits the bible and/or religion for anything regarding that theory.

Any mention of the bible is naturally assuming that reality consists only of what is described in the textual foundation for the religion itself. It would be a complete disregard to the theory of evolution, is the first problem, the second, its allegorical dialect. Events and rules found in such text are metaphorical and can’t be expressed as certain practices. Similiar to Kierkegaard’s assertion that it is literally “impossible to be a Christian,” since Christianity as it is described and practiced is like that of a satirical eulogy. Principles derived from such sources are adjustable and ambiguous.

A more common sense approach is this: if the truth is told in the bible, then what of all the generations of man who existed before the bible was written and before Jesus was born?

It would make more sense to say that, if anything, what might appear in the intellectual development of the human species as recurring in each and every passing religion is just a kind of, dare I say, Jungian archetype and/or Freudian maternal thing, where the ethos of compassion for one another is deepy ingrained in instinct. Through each era, language records and passes down the many developments of the metaphor, but they all can be classified as inherently stoic and aescetic. I think that religion is just an ethical memetic device for the pacifist in man. Compassion being thr highest virtue. We see it expressed over and over again in many different texts. Once one has cleared all the allegory, that’s what’s left- that ethos, or whadeva.

So there is no way in hell to get to heaven. (Nice pun, right there) So I have to discredit much of what you say regarding the historical and even epistemological consequences of your “religion” PoR.

Jesus wasn’t a racist was he? I think you should check with him first because if you are going to quote him, make sure you two are on the same page or else its bad representation. Your ratings would drop…and you don’t want that.


I see that now…you’re quoting John quoting Jesus.

Unfortuantely we’re worse off now. What Jesus might or might not have said and meant must be determined by two interpretations. And notice how the writers always quote Jesus ‘just in the nick of time,’ and in the right spots: “…and so he said unto thee…” and “he spoke after etc., etc.” The organization of the theme as it passes through each chapter is certainly developed and it follows a story-line. However if one were to condense just what was said by Jesus, you’d have only a disassembled collection of paraphrases. The writers were required to arrange a plot, and only quoted Jesus to authorize what “moral of the story” was trying to be developed.

And finally, if you really think that God, if he exists, has intended the bible to be the real evidence of his existence, then the rational mind would appear to be extraneous.

God would know that we know how unlikely it would be that God would not know that we couldn’t take the bible seriously, therefore, the bible has nothing to do with God, if “God” exists.

It would be impolite, so to speak. A rude gesture on God’s part. Simply inexcusable. A temptation to eat from the tree of knowledge is not cool at all. God wouldn’t do that.

So do as I have done before, Por. Use the pages of your bible for rolling papers. But only for the bubonic cronic, otherwise its disrespectful to MC Christ, who spits mad aphorisms fo shizm.

For the record, I don’t do this. I mean I’ve done it…but I don’t do it, if you know what I mean. Section 3, paragraph 7, chapter 2 of the Pascal’s Wager Home Edition Policy Handbook states that the advantages of using the pages of the bible for rolling joints are not good enough to run the risks of the punishment for sacrilegious acts if God does exist.