The Futility of Cultivation

So, I was checking out a small art exhibition earlier because that’s the cultured, civilised thing to do, right? But then as I leave I’m walking behind two women, and it’s a hot day, and I begin to wonder what it would smell like if I had my face buried in their crotch. Is that wrong?

Whatever turns you on and floats your (fantasy) boat Trevor :wink:

Hilarious. I think you need to express this curiosity in a painting or a short film, or some other similar artistic medium.

Personally, my mind is always whirring with thoughts to imagine such imaginings such as your’s Trevor (minus the ladies) :laughing: Trevor’s comedic flair would definitely make for him being a good comedy film-maker - could be a side-line for you Trev… think about it :smiley:

So trevor can write/direct, Magsj will perform, I’ll produce…?

Oh, so my pain and suffering is nothing but a joke now… :frowning:


But seriously, how much different was the art at the art exhibit from a painting (or something of the like) on what you imagined walking behind the two women?