The Future Is So Bright It Burns My Eyes.

#-o How did you arrive at that conclusion? unless I’m not understanding your meaning here.
Yes, I do admit that I know nothing when it comes to any real knowledge about a god and based on that, my choice is not to believe but to simply wonder and reflect.

I have no faith or belief. I’m agnostic.
Aside from that, faith isn’t the desire of wishful thinking, it’s the YES to belief which comes about as a result of what is seen. It’s more a choice which people who do believe make. I don’t have that yes and I haven’t stepped into that choice.


No, at the time I wasn’t jesting at all. It was just a thought off the top of my head. But after thinking further about it, I don’t think the dandelion thing would be so good. I was just thinking in terms of blowing in the wind, being more free, flying free. I may be wrong but I’m not so sure that would work for you. That might as easily have very negative results as positive ones.

What did come to me, and which may also not work for you, but maybe work better than the dandelion lol – how funny that would be – you having a dandelion up up and away in your avatar. It makes me laugh thinking about it. That’s not an insult but it really isn’t you but who knows perhaps at times when you’re alone, all alone, in your cabin wherever you are in the woods, if they’re the woods, you might hopefully at times take on the spirit of a dandelion blowing in the wind.

I thought of the Gordion Knot. Some believe[d] that the best way to deal with it was to cut it, some believe it is to untie it. I go along with the latter. Cutting it, it grows back…too soon, too soon. Untangling it, well, it gets itself tangled up again but untangling it, I know by experience there is much more of a chance of it eventually remaining untangled. That may not be such a clear intelligent explanation for it but I rather see you as a Gordian Knot.
Better that than the dandelion, no?

We have many more aspect to our selves than just one or two. They are multitudinous and at the same time, they don’t exist at all. :mrgreen:

“Faith is basically the desire of wishful thinking”

Note that faith is often thought of as a kind of belief+hope, not just a belief. You wouldn’t say “I have faith we won’t make it, vinny”. Ah! You hadn’t noticed that. The underlying connotation of hope comes with the use of the word faith; you might believe you and vinny won’t make it, but you certainl don’t hope you and vinny won’t make it.

So then there are two kinds of faith in addition to that. Justified and unjustified faith. There’s some grey area still in what constitutes one or the other based on some logical criteria (I thinks its the geller paradox? The one where the dude has the coins in his pocket? I forget)

Anyway ordinarily justified faith is faith in a reasonable conclusion, for instance, that your car was towed rather than sucked up into an alien ship by a tractor beam. You would have unjustified faith (belief, i mean) if you were to say “I believe my car was abducted by aliens.”

The grey area comes about when you find an instance where a conclusion isn’t so necessarily improbable … Like alien car abductors. You end up being able to have somewhat-justified belief, or somewhat-more-justified belief and so on, depending on the know likelihood of something happening or being able to happen (alien car abductors might not be logically impossible, but never before has one ever been experienced… and you couldn’t take the word of someone who said they saw one before. Not so for someone who’s seen someone who’s seen Diana Ross eat lasagna.

Yeah, I can agree with that summary.

Do you not notice that the Joker always carries an orchid lapel on most of his jackets? How about that?

Of course it is actually a weapon that squirts out acid onto his enemies but nonetheless it is still artistic.

It’s actually a photo of my dad.

So, you’re an agnostic that wonders and reflects on a god that they’re not even sure exists or not.

Sounds like a waste of time to me.

…and I’m to believe that - why? You would have to show me the proof. I’m not saying it’s not true or that it’s important but I would be a bit curious about it.
I’m a skeptic but curious.


who wonders and reflects. :mrgreen:
I wouldn’t quite word it as on a god that they’re not even sure exists or not. …not quite in that way.

My wondering and reflecting begins with a kind of tabula rasa and I go on from there. Plausibilities, possibilities.
At the very least, my skepticism leads me to something which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist - the concept of god as most see and believe it.
But then what do I really know?lol

Reflecting and wondering about something mysterious and unknown is not a waste of time to me. It’s part of who I am and it so adds to my optimal experiences.
What do you reflect and wonder about - your navel? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was of course joking… :laughing:

I wonder and reflect on my next cigarette…

I sometimes wonder and reflect on how any intelligent human being can STILL CONTINUE TO SMOKE, after knowing all of the carcinogenic dangers …

I also wondered at your having changed your avatar at least once this morning…it’s different than the last time I looked. Why so many? Restlessness or are you simply so artistic? Do you paint or sketch?

It’s a stress reliever plus the very air we breath, water we drink, and food we eat is cancerous. It doesn’t really matter anyways.

It’s going to end badly for us all regardless.

I just have a thing for theatrical flare.

Oh, how i knew you were going to say that. That argument lives on.

Walking is a stress reliever too as are most forms of exercise.

Yes, I can see that. Do you write poetry do you paint? You might consider looking for and joining a small theatre group somewhere. You might be quite good at acting and it would be a great vehicle for you to relieve your existential angst.

Well, I do know that at the very least, it is going to end at some point. You are a M_ D_ _ _ :mrgreen: even if you are not him. :evilfun:

I like reading poetry but mostly things revolving around angst or the macabre.

Never got into theater although I sometimes like attending theatrical performances.

Yes, my middle name is doom and I like drinking the tears of children early in the morning right when I wake up.

It is not possible to destroy the whole Earth and all living beings on it with all the nuclear weapons we have. The earth has survived much worse disasters - several times. All the nuclear weapons we have can destroy many living beings - but just not all. Many primitives species of the living beings have survived much worse disasters - several times. So this species are still there.

If you destroy parts of life, then a new but similar cycle will start.

That is why I advocate against nuclear warfare, along with school shootings - it simply will not do the job. An organism, exposed to a virus in small quantities, becomes immune.

Therefore, people should stop wetting their appetites in such things and begin building an asteroid if they want a job done right.

An asteroid with the name “Kamikaze”? :wink:

Could be argued that it isn’t. The more you feed an ego, the more often you have to feed it. Changing your avatars every day could be argued that it builds more stress, it seems reminiscent of adhd panic attack schizophrenia.

You’re quite right. At the minimum the total extinction of humanity.

Well, there’s still single cell organisms frozen underground beneath the surface of Mars.