The "Future" that killed the Future.

You can call it the “future” that killed the future. There is this comic book - cartoon fairy tale depiction of “innovation” and “progress” where it always comes with some superstar inventing the next “great breakthrough” in his garage. The idea that you just have to find the right “battery”, the right “product”, the new product, that one shot new device like apple’s idiotic and crappy ipod or such to achieve progress or the future, like GM’s idiotic electric car, etc.

All the talk about global warming or energy dependence or peak oil is just fluff, is just really business as usual. The talk about the “hydrogen” economy or the talk about the “new” ethanol fuels for “cars” is all that these great PHDs the very costly colleges produce can immagine. They still don’t get it. They don’t understand that any further real progress, any further real future will only come through “systems wide” changes, through changes in “behavior”, through real “political changes”, not in some laboratory.

So for example Obama says the US needs high speed trains like those in the EU or JAPAN. This is totally idiotic! What he should be saying is we need a new grid of public transportation through SIMPLE BUSES. Simple buses, gasoline (or diesel) buses, good old buses. But that wouldn’t be “exciting”, wouldn’t be “futuristic”, wouldn’t be in line with the huge profits all those private companies involved with high speed trains would make. And it doesn’t even have to be “public” transportation, it just has to be “mass transit”. It can be organized in any way at all, with internet calling, with grids and networks of buses throughout all of the US, with luxury buses having private compartments, with different price values, with private companies managing them etc. It could be done, and this could also be a great incentive towards inventing “new jobs”, “optimizing the grid”, applying the technology to making the buses comfortable and quiet etc.

But for some reason, for some unknown reason, all these great scientists worldwide can’t even immagine it. It is really hard to immagine mass transit through an efficient bus network. It just can’t be done so let’s continue “researching” atomic fusion energy, let’s “build” the hydrogen economy, etc. A simple complete high quality bus network in the USA would cost less than a trillion dollars (much less money than has been thrown down the toilet with the “bailouts”), would definitely solve the global warming problem, the “peak oil” problem, the “energy dependence” problem and would save an untold amount of money to the ever poorer american families.

But let’s just invade Iran and rob their oil and start other wars. Let’ hope the “next Bill Gates” will invent the right “battery”. What total idiots! And the developing countries like India and China are even ten times more idiots since they could do this now and avoid imitating the american model of everyone owning their own car. But they want to sell cars without any roads, look at the totally idiotic “geniuses” in India with the new Tata.

Aside from the fact that the high speed trains would only service a few million people near the most important urban areas leaving out 200 million not “too urban” americans. And high speed trains are also very class “conscious”, only the upper classes would use them. Buses could serve all of the US.

With such an optimized bus transit system across the USA and all its suburbs you would also be gaining an extra room in your house: alot of the two car garages could be converted into a one car garage and extra bedroom or completely into another bedroom since you may not really need “two cars”.

This would come in very handy given that the USA is destined to become a very poor country and people will have to keep on living in the homes with their parents (or kids). Of course if all the foreclosures across the USA were converted into something like 300 dollars a month rents, maybe this wouldn’t be the case, but considering how smart all our PHDs are, they could never imagine converting the extra homes across america to simply rent. It seems that all the very obvious, basic, simple solutions, the NO BRAINERS simply can’t be imagined by all the great, genius scientists worldwide. If it is contorted, complicated, or undoable it will be done, if it is clear cut and simple it is a sin, or is it that the dominating interests have all the profits to make by forcing everyone to buy homes and use cars ?

The economists keep on insisting that we will have to “innovate” out of the crisis, increase productivity, work harder. More hard work, this especially is such an idiotic idea, I find it hard to believe that they still suggest hard work, more hard work. There has never been an era as today where hard work is meaningless and even counterproductive. We are in this economic crisis exactly because people worked too much, they built too many homes, they dealt too many subprime mortgages etc. It seems like 20 million people lost their jobs in the last year and a half worldwide, anybody notice ? those jobs can be there or not, it is irrelevant, hard work and work in general makes no sense in a system where millions of computers are deployed exactly to automate work and millions of third world workers work for peanuts.

This myth of hard work persists to give people the illusion that they can actually control their destiny, that their work is relevant. Work today is totally irrelevant, that is why so many people are laid off and fired. The idea of hard work stems from a non technological society where the hard work of the farmers made them get more crop, etc. But it is in almost no way applicable in today’s economic system . Just ask the japanese salaryman who has worked to the point of death by overwork and has found their society get poorer and poorer.

There is also this immaginary connection between the hard work of the workers of a society that somehow makes the society “rich”. There is no connection, it is a fairy tale. Otherwise people wouldn’t have depended so much on their home values increasing for their future wealth.

Innovation is another myth. There are only so many possible innovations, in all truth very few really useful. Most innovations are square wheels. A wheel can only be made once and round, but people keep on insisting on innovating and changing and turning it into square thinking that it is “better”. Most innovations are actually counterproductive like subprime loans and Windows Vista, etc. This idea is so idiotic, that there are all these new inventions waiting to be invented, that there will be all these new products to sell to “others”, etc. And this will create wealth. What wealth ? Only consumption of the traditional products by more people can make the economy grow in the traditional sense, that means China and India have to start buying more furniture, TVs and other consumer items. Heck, the USA between 1955 and 1975 were the only consumer and producer worldwide, they didn’t need to export to some imaginary rich other country. You can’t innovate or work hard to overcome this crisis you can only create mass transit and cheap rents.

Economists and scientists just say what other people say, they just act like a recorder, just say what they are told without ever really thinking about it. So innovation worked the last century because it was a one time windfall, an exception, all the technologies were coming on line at the same time, there was a form of constant progress, from cars to jets to computers to space travel, etc. But nowhere was it said that that lucky break would end, that it was a one time fluke, that it was an old dog who learned a trick.

An old dog can’t learn a new trick and the new trick is to make system wide changes, mass transit, free salaries and homes to everyone, cheap rents, a very reduced work day etc. But these economists keep on imagining that there are “new” products, “new” markets, new “inventions” waiting out there just as it was in the 20th century. Well they are wrong, they should start using that little brain that they have and look at reality square on: modern technology and economy has created a system of greatly excess capacity as it is, the only way to distribute some wealth and keep the “economy” somehow going is to give a free salary and all the basics to everyone worldwide. This would keep the economy humming along with a very reduced work day of say 3 or 4 hours a day at most. The alternative is mass poverty, wars and violence.

Just to wrap up the real truth and nothing but the truth, one more myth, one more deception, one more brainwashing and idiotic idea so many great PHDs, scientists and economists around the world talk about is the idea of education, skill sets, training will improve the “economy”, wages, etc. This is totally untrue because in today’s economy there is almost no relationship between this and the general economic performance of a country: there has never been an era where more workers and people are educated, know more and have access to information as today. There have never been so many intellectuals, so many people working with concepts, abstractions, so much research etc. What is the result ? subprime loans, bailouts, people simply robbing billions of dollars, 5 billion poor people worldwide, etc.

This is just another fairy tale used to find a reason to not pay workers more money, so they invent all these abstract ideas and skills you need, they try to justify paying less by blaming the victim that his skill set is not up to date, he doesn’t have enough education, etc. In all truth this economy needs smart people like a hole in the head. it is totally irrelevant and actually what it really needs is stupid people, stupid consumers that will buy anything that is thrown to them.

In order to really make the economy grow the only real solution is a free salary to everyone, very cheap rents, mass transportation. When the millions of real people, which are mostly slobs have this money, money that is no longer tied to any idiotic perfomance or work ethic or education, then they can start consuming again, buying furniture, buying consumer items, home depot home improvement items, some cars (not too many because mass transportation will solve alot of problems of transportation).

Another few thousands jobs were cut recently. I always wonder, doesn’t anybody ever ask themselves, if companies cut jobs, were those jobs of any use in the first place ? were those thousands of people doing anything valuable for the company or society in the first place ? This idea that companies can fire just to make it look like they are making more profits speaks volumes of how absolutely and totally irrelevant work, skills, education and all the other clown decepetions fed to the naive masses are.

It is almost as if many companies have a bloated work force just waiting to be laid off and fired when they need to “do something” to increase the profits of the companies or improve “productivity” and “efficiency”. It seems to me that many people don’t even notice that they are just a number waiting to be laid off, and their only “job” or purpose is to “fired”. These people should call their jobs title as “future laid off employee for company bottom line” and their job activity, behind all the fluff and fake work and paper shuffling is really simply “waiting” and letting time flow.

We need very cheap rents, public transit, very reduced work day of only at most 4 hours a day, and a free salary to everyone worldwide. This is the truth, get real, this is REALITY, not the other way around!

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