The future.

I am deeply troubled by this article. … ic_freedom

why are you troubled with academic freedom as opposed to being force fed liberal socialist/communist lies?

the chickens are coming home to roost is all…

and in 50 years the whole thing cycles again…


Let’s just hope that judges continue to throw out these kind of cases.

Why? It sounds like the students have legitimate complaints, unless you’re just assuming they’re all lying.

I just hope that this debate about academic freedom does not degenerate into relative morality arguments in which everything is relative, a matter of taste, meow, meow, meow…

Because, surely, there are definitive principles of academic institutions that serve as a foundation such that higher education–the so-called pursuit of knowledge—is immune from whims and sways of whiners.

ok, I think its silly for students to claim that some reading is against their beliefs or whatnot (in most cases), but there is definitely an issue of bias in universities. Democrats outnumber Republicans something like 7-1 in faculties in universities and the numbers are even greater in terms of young professors. This can foster an attitude among academes that everyone believes the things they do, and that there is no need to show an opposing point of view.

As an example… My girlfriend is a student at Georgetown University. In one of her classes, a professor proceded to rail against Bush and basically degrade any Republicans or anyone who voted for Bush. Someone was brave enough to mention that perhaps she should not say such things in case anyone in the room had voted for Bush and was thus offended by her rant. So the prof asks if anyone had voted for Bush. Unsurprisingly, after spending 10 mins bashing Bush supporters, no one raised their hand. The prof then continued to bash Bush.

There are many students who feel unable to share their points of view on subjects for fear that their profs will berate them or give them a bad grade. If this occurs, then I believe the students must act. Intellectual diversity on a campus is an absolute must. I would hope that universities, at least, would be open forum for discussion and that any prof who hampers such discussion and makes a student feel as if they cannot share their opinion should face some sort of punishment/censure (whether they be liberal/conservative, theist/atheist, or whatever) This intellectual openess also means that students should not complain about having to read material that goes against their beliefs, so long as they are not downgraded for not accepting the material as true. Hopefully a prof would also be open to allowing the student to present their own material/ideas about the subject matter, and thus allow for a better discussion

This is what I love about having an objective major: My fluid dynamics professor doesn’t have to like my political or philosophical attitudes. My grades are dependent on the accuracy of my models, not the “correctness” of my politics.

i agree that both sides of any debate should be presented and destroyed as appropriate. i think it is lazy and detrimental for profs to bash bush without listening to probush arguments and evidence.

im sure that once the probush evidence is destroyed correctly and fully, bush voters will feel stupid, but they wont before this happens.

i suppose there is the problem of sheepdom on both sides of this issue, but doesnt it matter to you neocons that poor idiot evangelicals are the ones who vote for bush and college educated pennsylvanians are the ones who overwhelmingly dont? which group do you associate with? you think academics are all wrong why? the evangelicals are right why?