The Future

There really isn’t any true “Progressive” ideologies or “forward-looking” philosophies today.

After the accelerated developments and technologies of the mid-20th Century, fueled by Germanic innovation and ingenuity, worldwide Human “progress” has ground to a complete halt, and worse…started regressing backward. This is apparent today by United States Antifa-terrorist organization, backed by Anti-American Liberal Leftists, and their Democratic goons. Liberalism is a lie, and a failure. It has not produced what it promised after 50 years of political uprising and majority control. It has not offered Americans, or Humanity, what it truly needs, which is Aristocratic Guidance and a new Noble Caste of select human individuals. The reason for this, is mostly due to the degenerated Hominid gene pool. Marxist- Americans treat excessive, gross Obesity as “fat is beautiful”. Marxist-Americans target young American boys, trying to mutilate and/or castrate them, spreading the lie that gender is “malleable” rather than biological and genetic.

Basically Americans and Western civilization is being poisoned, most of which is not deadly but dehabilitating, creating Lethargy, Apathy, and Hedonistic self-destructive lives spent on drug/porn/fat addictions.

I don’t know if any of this can be turned around in the short-term, or near-distant future. There is not much hope for this, in the West. Perhaps a foreign Nation or Eastern civilization people can take the reigns of such cultural Leadership in the meantime. But people should begin contemplating 2082, 2092, 2102AD and longer. How many people talk/discuss/debate such an idea? Look on this forum, the answer is: Zero. This represents the degenerated state of our culture, civilization, and society. While I blamed some large groups for this, on the Left, this does not then imply that the political-Right is innocent or they’re doing a good job. They’re not.

The Political-Right is still stuck in the typical Abrahamic-Nihilistic mind trap. Their cultural loses cause them to stick their heads in the sand. They are no longer impassioned about God, or Christ. Compare the average Western Christian with the enthusiastic, masculine, fanatical devotion of an Arabian Moslem and his Islamic faith. The two are worlds apart. The Western “Rightist” has no fervor, no great willpower, no great faith.

Basically, there’s enough criticism and blame to go around, but this is far beside-the-point.

The point is, that only an Aristocratic Nobility has the capacity to raise Humanity to the next steps of evolution, including space technology, discovery, exploration, travel, colonization, and industry. All other Earthly and human/abrahamic/nihilistic concerns should be far down the list of importance and cultural significance. Basically, the average person’s life is rather meaningless and fruitless, without a great purpose to ignite and fuel its ambitions.

Humanity, saving humanity, from humanity.


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Humans will stay humans forever, like alligators and crocodiles that stagnate in evolutionary terms. Their destiny is shoving their mouths unto their deaths, on Earth.

The Noblest and next stages of Evolution are for those who leave Earth behind.

There is no “saving”, and no need to “save”, Humans. Let them remain Manimals forever.

At last a person who talks common sense…

Yes in the UK we still have such a thing…Hoooraaahhh

Yes and in the UK we have a prime example of how the Germanic Noble Class is owed so much by the rest of the world…

Not you.
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