The gap between man and God has been removed!

Religion in stickman form. Hooray for indoctrination! Joe Camel, anyone?

I know. Where do these bastards get off trying to teach others their religious beliefs? For shame.

Go easy, guyz.

PetriFB is just talkin’ about propriety – I guess…

If you can mannage to find God and have a relationship with him, then he will be superior to a human, thus all of his interaction with you will make you better then if you were interacting with a human.

But by default, aim for the human.


If I was God I wouldn’t need Jesus to die before I forgave people.
I wouldn’t spend my time forgiving or judging them, I’d just try to upgrade their DNA so that they are less cannibalistic, more healthy and more instinctively-sustainable.


First off, God’s not perfect, if he created all of this imperfect shit.

Let’s pitch out classical ideas for a moment.
Why’s God changing his mind?
Why did what he wanted get simplified & a bit more logical then the old code?

Well, “he” wasn’t “perfect” to begin with.
Everything evolved.
“Satan” and “God” are each changing, growing and evolving more and more each day. What they were 2000+ years ago – is not what they are now [what-ever-the-hell-they-were].

There is more then one “Satan” and there is more then one “God”.

All of those overly-praised sevitors and shoggoths grew-a-hell-of-a-lot as time went by, & now we have pleanty of godforms in the postphysical realm.


You gotta get yo ESP workin’ before you can feel out where one of them is, though.


I will also tell you how prayers work.

If you pass a stone through a fire place, that stone becomes hot.

If you pass thoughts, beliefs, desires, energy and spiritual force through a god, it comes back to its target in an altered state.

I shit you not, I saw it astrally.


Now, why can prayers seem so hit-or-miss?
Most of the believers aren’t mages or psions. They don’t have much energy/psychic-power to send up, so not much gets bounced back.

“Faith” can at times be a spiritual force which determines the effectiveness of the prayer. Guess why? I already said why.


The big mistake:
Lots of people beg the all-loving God for help with their problems in their life, but they don’t get much. Why? God’s not all-mighty! Often, you’ve gotta give him energy in the first place before he can do it.


What’s up with the sacrifices?
Blood or sex [check the use of these in ancient religions] was sometimes channeled into specific godforms. The naturally high amount of spirit or life force within these is what certain kinds of gods can use for whatever the crazy basterds use it for. :laughing:

Uh oh, that’s occultian. :frowning:
I’m not surprised. Remember, Isrealites did what I’m talkin’ about at their temple. It’s a form of magick.


Now that I’ve given a wake-up-call about the way things really are…
Go back to your old beliefs & ignore ma post. :laughing:

As usual, I took the bland moment to browse the given link and typically laugh at the simplified ignorance before me on my screen. However, something caught my eye about that webpage that made me think for a moment and remember something I once recalled from my deep thoughts long ago of analyzing the fundamentals of Christianity.

The webpage stated that (summerized) humankind is basically an imperfect being which seeks to bridge the gap between itself and “God,” who happens to be perfection; also that “God” expects perfection from his imperfect creations and that to reach “God,” unifying with him, and becoming perfect, can all be accomplished through Jesus.

Now that’s fine and dandy for the usual Christian… seeking perfection that is; but that’s just the thing. The word perfection, especially in this context, could mean anything and everything. So, considering the “God” that we have displayed in the Bible, we must assume this “perfection” is a universal unlimitation. My point?? If “God” expects us to become perfect, we must indeed perfect ourselves not only in love and compassion as the standard issue Christianity would have us become, but also perfect ourselves in destruction, death, creation, good, evil, dark, light, etc. Everything. Anotherwords, we are meant to use the tool of free will to accomplish the task of becoming perfect in every way. To create life; even perfectly genetically engineered humans, or even clones for that matter… Also to destroy life, which so far in our history, we have done a great job of perfecting the art of killing and destruction.

So… before I keep going, I’ll stop and just go back to laughing at the ignorance that prompted me to write this post…

[size=75]Yoda is one mean little troll… but a wise one. Keep it coming Dan, it ain’t McD’s, but I’m lovin’ it![/size]

Let’s take that down a notch.

“Perfection” may just be a system without fault or error.
“Perfection” is when one is free from defect.
There can be a “perfect” criminal, and a “perfect” christian. It depends on how well they do their job.

In this sense, “perfection” basically can almost exist.

It would almost be possible to become a “perfect” Christian.


Hey, wait!

I almost missed it.

Let’s calm down and be relativist! :smiley:
Sagesound, you are perfect!
Man, that was a perfect reply.

Let’s use that word “perfect” lightly.

Next, let’s look at the 2 main commandments.

Love God & neighbor.

So I’m gunnu pop out the door and say:
“God, you nig! You made it rain! Damn nig, lol, that’s perfect, and I’ve gotta walk today!”
And then give something like $20 to a poor dude on the street.

You’re all set!


If fundamnetalism was iron in water, let us make it salt-water, and let us salt the “truth”. Let us be relative, and not take it literally.

God made me, so I’m basically God’s son, so I’m basically Jesus.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Take that! And that!
More relativism! MUUHUHUHaahahh!

Our feedback was shit.

Anyways, it is possible for humans to go back to higher, better ways of spiritual being. You’re right.

But I must add:

Jesus was a flash of light before the darkness.
His work was a direct opposition to the evil in his nation.
Despite his message, what was he? Jesus was hated, that’s what he was.

Jesus was a sign of his times.
His times were his opposite.
His nation fell.

I also believe that he sacrificed himself because he lost his will to live. If you love people that much & they hate you, it just kills a person from the inside-out.

Ofcourse he died for their sins… He died because of their sins.

In that sense, yes, I believe it would be possible. However, it’s difficult to follow a love-all-and-live-and-let-live philosophy when your own god treated a lot of people like shit in the first five books of your religion’s doctrine.

What I would really love to see in this world is the idea of a perfect Christian. Seriously, this person would be in normal life situations that would make the rest of us snap… like say, some idiot crashing into the rear of your car, totalling their’s and your rear end. The normal person might (I use the word “might” lightly as some people would be very calm about it but still be pissed) throw a fit and start yelling all sorts of curse words and other mean things with the aim of hurting the idiot’s feelings. No, the perfect Christian would get out of their car with smiles abound, give the idiot a hug, tell them everything’s going to be alright because it was all Satan’s fault. Next, when the officer on duty arrives, the perfect Christian will take the blame for the wreck and happily cover the costs for repair. Stunned by the intense generosity and graceful love of the perfect Christian, the idiot resolves to become a better driver and a better Christian (assuming they were one in the first place).

That’s quite a compliment, even if it’s a light one. However, if I were perfect, I believe I would have the powers to bring into view a newer and more perfect ILP that would be devoid of ad banners, springing with aesthetic delight, and have a kick-ass flash-based webpage. That would only be the begining… membership would come at a price, but that price could be waived if the joining member submitted a brief manifesto of what they intended to bring to the site. The exclusivity of the site would become the gem of the internet… calling out to thinkers everywhere to flock to this great hall of intellectual stimulus!

(Okay… I went a bit far with that…)

Last I checked, FutureMan had been modeling himself out to be the New Jesus… there’s quite a following… Not to mention, Monooq has been utilizing the forces of his homicidal/suicidal followers to spread his word: The Divine Laws of Monooqism.

They say Jesus was perfect… They say he could walk on water, but could he swim?


You’ve twisted this up to such a degree it is no wonder it cannot make any sense.

All perfection means is to live consciously free of the dependence on inner lies and imagination that deny this life to the degree that we’ve even forgotten what it means. God is the ultimate reality. Inner lies are the ultimate fiction. How could they ever blend? Jesus sacrifice provided the means through the Holy spirit by which a person could get out of their own way long enough to experience reality and such experiences can become a guide towards becoming real or “perfect”.

You are trying to contemplate the concept of perfection from your own preconceptions established over the years in accordance with inner lies. This has become the normal human condition Of course it cannot make any sense

Let’s talk about this.

Moral excellence & creationism mixed things up.
They tried to combine nature and morality.
Big mistake.

Nature is a killer.

Maybe if they aimed for a God that was not on such a high-horse, they’d have more pure a form of worship.


  • I never killed anybody before, so I’m peaceful.
  • Sometimes after it rains there are mud puddles outside, so I can walk on the water.
  • I could buy some pepto if your tummy hurts, n send you it, so I can heal the sick.
  • I can also teach and preach. Check this out:

“God is really cool. You know what I mean? He’s bigger then stuff.
We all live on the same earth, we all came from the same place, we should all be brothers, but we’re not. The Satanic spirit of the world turns man against his brother. It says 1 guy is a sinner, & it says another guy is good. Everyone is a sinner and everyone is good. They all are just a result of their life. If you hurt a kid early in his life, he will grow up angery and hurt other people. That’s how it works. The only cure is when you just forgive people and heal their hearts.”

…in your opinion, anyway.

Why thank you Nick, I really appreciate your thoughts! Allow me to return the favor! :smiley:

Hmmm… I’m sorry it just doesn’t make sense! How about this one? Perfection doesn’t exist!

Wow, I love how you contradict yourself Nick. Christianity has done a fine job, a real fine one indeed, of blending the percieved ultimate reality with the inner lies of ultimate fiction.

Really? Gee, Nick; 2000 years ago, you would have said the same thing about Mithras or Sol Invictus! Tell me Nick, what makes more sense to you: reaching some sense of enlightenment through others or through yourself?? (No bullshit this time Nick, this is a serious question!)

What a delightfully lovely psychological analysis you have contrived there Nick! It’s too bad your assumption can only be based upon the ramblings of mere possibility. Ergo, I shall now make the same assumption: I can see that your biased closed mind has forced your conditioned thinking to automatically defend your fragile belief system by which you feel secure in this world to carry yourself with such a crutch that provides the support of great faith! Would it not be there you would fall and act as the helpless old lady; squirming about with the outcry of: I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Now… please don’t take that assumption to heart Nick, as assumptions are no more true than what fiction we spin to explain our faith. Instead, I wish for you to take into consideration your choice of words. The next time you decide to say something doesn’t make sense, do try to back it up with something more than assumption.

Sheesh sage, perhaps if you were less vague and didn’t beat around the bush? Just kidding. :slight_smile:

That means the dharma doesn’t exist. Yet I do believe that these universal laws do exist and they are perfect. Their existence is the definition of justice.

Christianity has done a fine job but Christendom has not. Often one is confused with the other. I don’t know which you mean.

I believe in the Socratic axiom “Know Thyself” and its psych/spiritual importance. Ideas providce several hypothesis one awakens to. It is my obligation to verify them.

Perhaps so but I am not the issue for you. If a hypothesis intrigues you, it is up to you to strive experientially to either verify or deny it. This is our responsibility. Blind belief or denial are reactions of sheep and some people wish to be more than sheep.

It isn’t an assumption but a hypothesis. If it is correct it means one thing. if not, another. I express what I’ve come to value from my experiences and you express what has come to be meaningful for you. This is a true exchange of religious philosophy.

Isn’t bush beating what made philosophy great? (Hah!)

This is a great example of why Buddha would win in a one-on-one debate with John’s Jesus.

Ahh, good sir! Pardon my lack of momentary clarity in distinguishing one from the other! I did mean Christiandom, for all it’s wretched pomp… I believe true Christianity perhaps does not even exist anymore; and like Russell, I believe that today’s Christian would find it extremely difficult to live up to their own ideal.

Noble… I applaud your standing resolve to virtue!

Wonderful rebuttal! This has indeed been a fruitful discussion!

Jesus said this world is merely a bridge.

I am unsure about the God of the Jews, because Satan has with him the church and the bibles now.

If truth was the water – needed for life – what would Satan do to defeat it?

Direct physical force wouldn’t destroy water. Poison would ruin it for a moment, but if a parasitic pluage was set into those waters, then… then the problem would only grow with time

Satan is more powerful then anybody on earth, so why doesn’t he destroy us? Because, he does not destroy his power source. The most powerful men on earth – and the totalitarians – have no power or control at all. They do not act human. They have lost everything.

Acts of worship give power to the gods.
Lust, agression, greed, fear, hate, passion, judgment and war. These are his sources of power. And there is his opposite:
There is:
Self-control, passivism, charity, fearlesness, love, mildness, forgiveness and peace.

Satan created the world. To deny sin is to apostasize against your own body, and to deny nature.

The more you worship Satan, the more power he will give you, and then your power will be what controls you.

Tell me – is it “wrong” for a child to rebel against its evil parents?

Those who spend their life giving will have nothing.
Those who spend their life taking will have much.
The ritch are the gods of poverty.

All is false.
All… is false.

[ * breaks a mirror * ]

From my birth to my death, I am a reflection of my creator. I am stupidity, I am desire, I am struggle, I am impurity.

There is no truth down here. None at all.
We are simply each an extension of our passed.

You give too much credit to Satan, and not enough to the deceitfulness of mans own heart.


Makes sense to me.

In nicks defence Sage:

Contradictictions are only contradicting to those who can not see the meaning behind the contradiction.

On the subject:

Ones belief wether perfect or imperfect in the mind of others is irelivant to its actuality in the believers reality. Your reality is yours. It will not change how things are or what others around you see as real unless they “choose” to let it.

I agree with Sages definition of perfect: To be perfect is to be absent of default in all things life, love healing, death, destruction, and chaos. For every fiber of your being wether metaphysical/physical/ or a combination to be imbued with the abosolute knowledge and power of everything.

This is however an unatainable goal as everything is constantly changeing even in the metaphysical and moreso. Information constantly creates more information thoughts create reality/illusions/truth. Answers are found in questions which answer questions which create more questions.
Perfection exists but none will ever attain.

Some of what I said was just an experiment with world view.
I’m back to normal, atm.
Don’t take me too seriously when I start to talk crazy.

Injustice on earth exists because morality is trying to outgrow and recover from its amoral passed. Civilization evolved out of a natural anarchy.

Ofcourse absolute perfection does not exist, but IMO, smaller perfections can exist. How?
High resistence to & recovery from chaos.
Entering into a realm that is relatively free of chaos.

IMO, the ability to recovery perfectly from random errors = a form of perfection.

No eternal biological organisms exist on earth – because of the paradigm of evolution & life-cycle within nature.
If there was a different life-cycle & evolution method, long or eternal life-spans would be favored and would eventually exist.

I’ve been talking about this before at another forum.
Death of an individual organism may not just be “evolutionary neglect” as some believe, but actually – this happens because the old generation must give its terratory/resources to the new generation, and through cycles of re-posession, generation-based-evolution-progress can be made.


Also, the imperfect DNA repair/replecation rates [of an organism] are relative to the amount of mutation that will usually happen per generation.

The rapidly mutating, short-life-spanned, most-“imperfect” organisms are the ones which can evolve faster.

Although i’m reluctant to post in this forum i appreciated this:

I happen to agree at some level with what you’ve just said.
Still i personally think death is a wonderful thing. I cannot imagine myself existing forever and i think it would be horrible not to be able to just simply stop existing at some point or another.