The Global Zoo, Plantation, And Farm

Within the human zoo, plantation, and farm the human herd is livestock busy laboring for their various handlers of governments, corporations, and business entities.

They in turn for their reward of laboring for their handlers working for wage and paying for their expenses of rent are allowed to graze, eat, fuck, defecate, and reproduce.

The handlers with their carrot and stick utilize fictitious words like morality, ethics, rights, authority, and general good as a way of controlling the human herd or livestock in making it think socially and collectively that it’s owners are somehow virtuously benevolent.

One must ask however what kind of social rights, privileges, and independence cattle or livestock really have in their domesticated captivity.

I like the 8 highways of cars. Maybe more than 8. I didn’t count.
What a picture.

Yeah, there is no way you can be that dense.

Maybe you wear sunglasses and you see the world as a darker place than others do.


Apparently, indoor pollution is 8 times worse than breathing in the air of a highway, but I am not sure if I agree with that. My bullshit detector tends to go off when I hear claims like that.

In my opinion, Joker is a hero. Most of these people would die long painful deaths of cancer or aids, but joker gives them quick deaths dying of laughter. They died happy. There lives wouldn’t even amount to anything anyway, they have meaningless lives and its not like he goes around killing Dr. Freeze and actual philosophers and such that dont have meaningless lives. I mean, if they have meaningless lives, what’s the difference if they die today or tommorow? It’s the same difference. Theyr religious and social tards, its not like their ever going to learn anything important in their lives. Either long and painful deaths of cancer and aids, or quick painless death with a smile on your face…hmm seems like he is a saint, the modern equivalent of Jesus christ himself

[b] Notes:

The global zoo, plantation, and farm is the proverbial rat maze labyrinth where human beings are its Pavlovian inhabitants socially engineered, conditioned, domesticated, or controlled for the purposes of servicing its owners who are a tiny minority up the pyramid paradigm that run everything. So entirely thorough is this social breeding mental engineering that only a scarce few are actually aware of their own ongoing slavery. Human civilization a giant convoluted controlled matrix or simulation 2600 years running that’s fate can only inevitably lead to global catastrophe. Upon reaching the end of human history assuming there is anybody left recording anything one wonders if we can finally call this failed experiment what it really is.[/b]

Joker, you’re my goddamn hero.