The god who wasn't there.


(as much as we can without seeing the film yet)

my take is that it won’t effect mainstream christians at all, they’ll just write it off as a ploy from the devil.

The DVD release date is June 6th. Great. We need another ****storm.

Hopefully, they can do as good as “Dogma”. That was an excellent flick. Poked holes in belief without stripping away faith. Judging from the hype, it looks like they may take it a bit too far. It reads a little like National Lampoon and if that’s all we get, then I’ll be the first to ignore it.


Dogma is a great flick, poked fun at belief without completely stripping it away.

from the sounds of this it’s a documentary film that is information the director got while filming his movie “the beast” (release date 06/06/06)

I think this documentary will be interesting Sam Harris is a interviewee.