The Goddess

The naked being
surrenders her suspicions
and shadows to the sea.

Her form flees
to fields irrigated by light.

And her sight slips
from her sockets to
a tunnel of terrible silence

while her blood boils
below craters in the sea
and burns like inscented oils
offered to gods and saints.

Her feelings foam
on Death’s mustache
like sea froth against
a rusty fishing boat.

Hi Kris. One question: what’s the rusty boat meant to signify? The mustache or the feelings?

Kristalyn- it’s really flattering that you wrote a poem about me! :wink:

Uniqor, when are you coming to Chicago to live in my basement!? Good luck finding a place.

The boat does not signify anything except for a particle or a distraction or something that exists in my feelings. The sea foam refers to my feelings and the sea and its coasts are the moustache.

I don’t know if your’re sarcastic or not–but the poem was about me. It’s good to hear from you.

I was totally kidding, but that’s kind of ironic as I see it. Yeah- I’m feeling a little better, good enough to start writing to folks again.

yeah! I am sincerely glad you are feeling better.

I on the other hand, feel filled with a calm paranoia that is encircled with my despair, which is ever so increasing. But the good news is that I am learning ever so quickly to be fake, which is probably leading my increased despair.

You need not strive to be fake, unless you’re just talking about the social coping mechanisms we all have to adopt. How’s that love allergy going? It’s funny because I just had a phone conversation that kind of put me on edge and I’ve been sniffly ever since- I’ve noticed that sometimes I have a kind of allergic/somatic response to stress, kind of like what you were talking about before. I wouldn’t have made such a connection had I not read your post!

Sometimes people remain in a certain emotional or thought pattern because it is comfortable for them, do you think you do this with a certain social deprivation and lonliness?

Jokes aside- your poem is pretty alright.

I am glad my confession of my weird allergy has been helpful or at least caused you to be aware of your own.

I haven’t had my “love allergy” because I haven’t felt any attraction like that towards anyone.

Yes, I enjoy my lonliness to a certain extent.

as soon as i manage to get the money for the plane ticket, promise. and of course it’s so nice to hear from you again, how are things with you and concordant?

thanks for the explaination kris, it makes better sense now, before i was so very confused by all those imagaries