the good life

the good life to me will be living in a trailer in the deep south, with a big sack of dip, bottomless beers, perhaps a trashy girlfriend, ‘girlfriend’, a 3 day a week job just to maintain the lifestyle, all the time in teh world to read anything, simple, maybe a guest appearance on jerry.
i’m not joking. that’d be the good life to me.

*note, good-life’s have to be realistic… obviously i’d rather head a drug cartel in south america, or be a martyr for a new religion.

the good life to me is living out my days in pursuit of my religious beliefs, and in continuing my readings. In addition, I ask for little more than that which is essential to live (physically—food, water, shelter, etc.)…and, and…A computer with internet access. Preferably, I’d like to live alone, but stil have neighbors who lived closed to me. :wink:

To have a small place to do my reading and thinking. Preferably being with an older man, perhaps, a fifty year-old man who wouldn’t mind making love to me only on a wednesday, leaving alone the rest of the month for me. We would have a very minimal, simple existence—just making enough to maintain what we have, and have more time being alone, secluded, and writing manuscripts if it means no one else would read them.

We would jump in a tub together, twice a month perhaps, with enough warm water, and cuddle, and bathe each other. We would have our meals seated on the bare floor, next to a window overlooking, perhaps, a tree or some shrubs. The house would be just the right size for the two of us, very clean, but bare—with just a bed so we could have nice naps together. Absolutely no television. But there must be at least two computers—for purposes of writing, research, and connection to other parts of the world.

There would be no nagging between us. Covetousness and envy would be non-existent. We would not want anything extraneous to bare, simple, minimal living. I could walk around the house in my underwear and not have a care in the world—definitely not naked, for this would be vulgar. I could go outside and walk barefoot around a postage-stamp size of a garden and listen to some subtle sounds. This would be good entertainment, besides listening to the rain at night or in the afternoon as I sit by the window.

life in the rural south can be a good thing, besides they’ll love you. You’ll get adopted as their little Canadian. Besides you’re French right? Shit, you should move to Louisiana.

a good life to me would be to start a revolution and change the way education is being taught. my wish is to be known for changing something, making something better.
oh… realistic…

a good life would be to live in europe, possibly paris or london, start a band, and have a nice life, without thinking of philosophy at night, so i could actually sleep

To kill my enemies and hear the lamentations of their women.

A good life for me would be living without the fear of smashing furniture, screaming of arguing parents, fierce arguments, and of being abandoned. To live in a simple place with someone who loves me, and accepts me for who I am unconditionally.
Where I can be myself, and at the same time become a better person.


nah, i’m not french, but ill be a hardlining conservative.

now wait a mintue, I thought Monooq was your name. Is that not a French name? Please help me as I’ve assumed myself into a hole

it is my name, spelled somewhat phonetically. most canadians should know alittle french, its sort of required in school.

I have a crazy theory that the good life of everyone is the one they have (whether they know this or not), since overall reality is a much better thing than surrealism.

stop being so philosophical in mundane babble!!! :cry:
jk for some reason that made insane sense, and i think that is true, good job ditto :slight_smile:

In my view, the good life is lived by those who have three things:

  1. Happiness
  2. Health
  3. Strength (of character as well as body)

What’s your take?

Well, personally I thought that when one has a strength of character and mind, he or she tends to almost automatically obtain happiness.

Personally, I think a good life is when someone lives their life improving themselves physically, mentally, and in a spiritual sense. The first two are pretty self explanatory, but for the spirit I think that simply means religion for some people, and for others just simply taking a moment out of life and reflecting while watching the sky. Also, in my view I think it’s important that one spends a good amount of time with not only him/herself, but also time with others as well.

you’re all full of shit.
a good life is an abstraction… you’ve all talked about a ‘good’ life as if it was something you could point to, and we’d all agree on. at the start, i said that i’d need beer, dip, trashy girlfriend, a trailer, and so on for a good life, i wouldn’t point anywhere, its an abstraction, it doesn’t exist except for in the person making it.
but you, people, describe the good life (an abstraction) with even more abstractions… like ‘happiness, health, and strength of character’, which you would probably define with even more abstractions.

is that gengis khan?

Ahh yes, I can see it now…Monooqism! Sadly, I can’t expound on the religious aspects of this great new religion. That’s because I have yet to see the upcoming Portable Monooq…it is sure to be the Bible for all things Monooq and be regarded as the supreme word that millions will happily lay down their lives for in a bloody crusade started by a Christian who ate a piece of bacon that belonged to a Monooqian!

The Christian didn’t know the bacon belonged to the Monooqian, but his ignorance was to be punished as the Monooqian quoted the holy text which said: [size=150]“KILL HE WHO STEALS YOUR BACON, BUT KILL ALL THOSE RELATED TO HE WHO STEALS THAT BACON IF HE WHO STOLE THE BACON ATE IT!”[/size]

The passage was followed by a clause that said: [size=150]“NO AMOUNT OF PIG CAN EQUAL THE VALUE OF A SLICE OF BACON THAT HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM A MONOOQIAN!”[/size]

GCT, the topic said “the good life,” not “what is best in life.”

Luke… :laughing: …you can only be redeemed by watching Conan The Barbarian.

Nope, Conan. (the Barbarian, not o’Brien)

it is genghis han silly.

and the good life for me would be … well…

me + my horribly sexy friend (16 at the time) pretending to be suburban kids who made off with their parents savings and playing pool with dumb hillbillies. and then half way into it she suddenly starts playing like an assasin pockets 5 in a row. the dazed look on their face and the sweated fives and twenties in my hand. the realisation that i taught her the game.

me + a bunch of friends telling the police comissioner he can either get with the programme or jump out the window himself. the beads of sweat on the guy’s brow.

walking to a tram stop in istanbul suddenly realising that all the people around me would get out of there any time they had half a chance, and i can do it whenever i feel like it.

reading chapters of a book im working on that i wrote months ago and being impressed with the depth and craftsmanship.

sitting at a table to negotiate whatever deal and hearing what the other people are thinking.

as you can see, bits and pieces of a dream.

lol :laughing: I can see that…

…and he picks up the book which upon the cover his name is printed, and opens it to the first page to where he releases a calm relaxed breath of satisfaction and then says: “Behold, I have written this…and it is good,” and those around him praised in unison of his glorious words as they danced around chanting the words: “Blessed are the chapters in his book, for they are good!”