the good life


well not quite like that

yet :evilfun:

heh…“yet”… :evilfun: Almost as if you’re predestined to be some prophet of Monooqism…lol.

i am the only prophet. and one day i will speak as one …to you. not just you, but ‘you’ as in ‘all you’


…the hordes of stupid-religious-folk tremble at the words the great Monooq lets pass through his lips, they begin to pray and fall to their knees, eagerly awaiting their day of conversion from their former pathetic religious association to the grace and glory of Monooqism…

Well, I know Ahnuld says it in the first Conan movie. Alas, I have not read anything uttered by Khan… can you provide a reference? I don’t doubt you, I just wonder what else the film might have borrowed.

but its not exactly the same quote. i thought u were paraphrasing