The Gospel is forgiveness of Sins & Has No Moral Precept

If you agree that Jesus came in the New Testament and overturned the teachings of the Old Testament, and baring in mind what Jesus said, how far do you agree with the statement made by Francis of Assis that:

‘The Gospel is forgiveness of Sins & Has No Moral Precepts.’ Discuss.

I understand this statement to mean that central to Jesus and the Christian teaching is FORGIVENESS of SIN. Now what exactly does this mean and what are the ramifications.

Forgiveness of Sin entials - acceptance of Sin/Understanding the Nature of All Sin in Human Life/ Grapling with Human Sin/ and attempting to Overcome Human Sin.

In short - a ‘proper’ Christian should accept all Sin, even the most horrific, only and if only, they are will to understand it, to deal with it, and to overcome it.

I might be confused on what is meant here by ‘moral precept’, but without them, how would we know what a sin it?

EDIT: Also, can you explain what you mean by ‘accept’ towards the end of your post?

The most important aspect of the claim is that there is no central authority dictating a moral code per se, at the very leats Jesus is the messenger, and his only action of importance is forgiveness of sin and this forgiveness is transformative or should be.

What is Sin? All that requires forgiveness…in one or another persons: treat others as you wish to be treated.

When I say accept sin perhaps I would have been clearly to put ‘understand sin’…in understanding we tame the sin, we neutralise it, we bring it out into the open, air it, clean it…both the nature of the sin and the sinner…it’s cause, it’s problematic, it’s solution…coming to terms with it and ridding oneself of the sin, the sinful thought, the sinful nature.

Or is this simply Idealism once again…i.e. if we understand the sin and the sin, one to another, then our sin will lose power over us…we will come to terms…we will no longer be ashamed…and we can move on from sinning…hmmm, this all sounds rather utopic.

A sin is something that hurts one self or others. This consists of things we may not be aware of but have been warned about from an all knowing father.

To forgive I need to know someone is willing to change. I can forgive them for being ignorant though. It’s not their fault for being nieve. It is their fault for being presumptious of knowing more then God.

As far as I can realise: forgiveness would actually be ‘actively helping a person overcome or transform from their sin’.

Not simply saying - ‘I forgive you’

It would be the common burden shared by human beings and also the particularly sin shared by and individual that must be overcome.

true. Love would be that.