The Great Winter

Everybody was cold and shivering.
There was a perpetual winter gong on around here.

Some people lit small fires, others pretended not to notice
the icicles on their nose, the frost bite!

Many were proud enough to keep warm
By them self, alone, hurdle in their clothes…

“…their egos shall freeze into snow balls…!”
Said the Priest wearing his robes…

Everyone was blowing into their hands
Trying to keep the heat up, as the snow piled high!

“It’s futile!” whispered an elderly lady
To her husband who had frozen in his sleep

“…I remember when a heart was warm enough to sit on
All year round…”

Have you ever read ‘Darkness’ by Lord Byron?
This reminds me of that somehow, the way you describe the winter and the cold, and all the people what they are doing in this situation, this setting that they’ve been thrown in - is similar to how Byron describes darkness, and what the people are doing.

Though I must admit, I love the way you ended this piece, asking the question, essentially, about what has changed about humanity. Very nicely done.

I had no trouble seeing this one Colin. This is your poem and your perspective. From mine I would have inserted “warm” between “his” and “robes”

great line to end a poem with, Colinsign

lhw – AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss