The greatest contributor of ILP?

Me say Joker you say?

Look at the number of posts list.

My vote is Carleas or Phaedrus.

It’s hard because it’s really close, there are a lot of great posters out there, like Uccisore and Xunzian, who have totally flipped my perspective on a few things.

Thanks, d0rkyd00d, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. My personal vote would go for Dunamis, Gamer or Detrop.

I think they are before my time, or perhaps outside my realm of interest on the forums. Otherwise, perhaps I’d agree. :unamused:

Yep, call me old fashioned but after five minutes with Dunamis or James No2 and they’d have you believing up was down and left was right and also leave you feeling like a bit of an asshole for even raising the question in the first place.

Of course, they had feet of clay, but they were still damn nice feet all the same.

Obviously, it’s me. :unamused:

pat on the head to Impious,Yes dear.

There is/was Dunamis, and then there is everybody else.


Faust said the least and taught me the most…


I’ll go with Joker too - he probably started the most threads in total, but his nihilistic view-point greatly stifled discussion more often than not!


I’m for Xunzian or Phaedrus, no particular order.

Me ! xD

(havn’t been here in ages)

/me waves at siatd and wonderer



ilp - still a gathering place for nihilists? ^^

Well, nihilists and dogmatists.

The greatest contributor would probably be ben, since he kicked the whole thing off way before I or most of the people here even knew about the place.

…have you noticed that they were culled in the buy-out - YAY!!! :smiley: