The greatest contributor of ILP?

Faust, thirst, and Uccisore?

I’m probably wrong, but that’s all I could come up with.

How about the greatest heckler?

ohh someone nominate me…

I like xunzian, though I must admit half the time I have no idea what he’s on about. I used to really admire the old Satyr. I’ve only recently come to appreciate Dunamis. Ingenium, when she’s not all feministy. From detrop I’ve learned that philosophy can be funny. Faust cuts through the bs quickly. Tab is cool. tentative is deep. Phaedrus is very clear in his thought and It’s really nice to see my opinions about stuff being put so nicely. coberst is a personal hero of mine. Omar is a scholar and a really enjoyable read. I like joker’s spirit. Daybreak is cool. So is gib.

Those, among others I’ve forgot at this moment, are the posters I like. As for the greatest contributor to the site…Ben. No question about it. He created the damn thing.

Yes, but what has he done since then? :laughing:

Psyche was the best heckler. A cockmuncher, sure. But an awesome heckler.

he must have been before my time… i would have definitely wanted a piece of that action…

I think he ended up getting perma-banned because he couldn’t stop losing his rag with people, myself included. I’m sure you can look him up if you want an example of how not to behave.

If Posts/day > .2 AND number of posts > 250 then
|ILP Poster| ~ 1/|Posts/day|

Just a thought.


Wonderer wrote:

Look up White Lotus from 05’ or so. He was infuriating, but oddly intrigueing.

I am at least on the list. I am in the discussion.

lololol, ya she enlightened me with her skills in math :smiley: I’d say Faust or Wonderer or Fabiano or Kriswest or Xunxian or Imp…