the guy thing is not working

the guys have been in charge forever…all we have seen is guys fighting each other…now guys in congress fighting but not doing…there is a light out there…there are 2 new female representatives in congress that may try to change things…I hope…

Fighting is not a guy thing. It’s a human thing. Perhaps women do tend be a bit more compassionate, but they also tend to me more emotive.

when you look at other animals who is doing the fighting…

You’re right, it’s only the male animals that fight. The females are generally too busy cooking, cleaning, and pooping out babies.

stat—how much would women fight if they were in power…I don’t know

We would fight just as much, females in the animal world do not cooperate like you think they do. They battle for position, territory, food and mate. Just as human females do. Women just tend to be less loud and messy.

do we need a female president in 2016

I don’t care about gender, ethnicity , religion or politics as long as it is a good honest president.

You’ve clearly never seen a female highschool basketball game…

OH Well you want to talk women’s sports being messy, the absolute messiest and violent, water polo. Males in that sport are sweet compared to women. I just was too small to deal with it all, I quit. :slight_smile:

I played waterpolo for a year in hs. You’re right. The girls would literally wrap other girls in their legs and pee on them. And pull the other team’s chin straps down when the ref wasn’t looking to dip their head under. And anything else you can think of getting away with under water.

Yep punch, kick, bite, pull hair, it was way too brutish for me and dishonorable. Out of the water the girls were normal friendly happy. Put them in the water, , pure bitches. Amazing transformation. Primal violence triggered by what? Just competing can’t cause it. Refs not being able to see? Is cheating that natural?

I agree